Dughh Khan

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Dughh Khan
Biographical Information
Race Twi'Lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Born Year -12 Day 85
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.86 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Rogue Squadron

Early life

Dughh's long and lonely journey started at R'lyek. It's a city on planet Ryloth, planet of Twi'leks. Dughh was born in upper class family. His father was bank manager and mother was doctor, neurosurgeon. Like every year Dughh and his family were going to annual vacation trip to Ryloth's well known mountains near the city Kala'uun. They loaded luggage to slightly modified X-34 Landspeeder and set the course to Kala'uun. Unfortunately left repulsorlift destroyed at the midway due to malfunction. Dughh's mother cradled Dughh and protected him from impacts. Meanwhile Dughh's father managed to call help before the crash but rescue team wasn't able to save them. Rescue team found Dughh nestled with his lifeless mother. Dughh was only child and there weren't any relatives to take care of the young Twi'lek. Dughh has always been strong-willed and he decided to survive. He sold his home and bought one-roomed flatlet from R'lyek. He started to work at local garage. At first he was assistant technician but with time he raised main technician. Dughh worked there for years and little by little the job started to bore him. After his boss died Dughh decided to outdistance his old life and start new life somewhere else. By accident Dughh saw an advertisement of Haven Corporation at holonet and decided to try to get the job.

New life

Work in Haven was great. Dughh found new friends from Haven, Trade Federation and Confederacy of Independent Systems. Job description was totally different than fixing rusty speeders. Dughh visited several systems and planets because his job was demolish old facilities. Within a year he raised up to vice president of Haven because of hard working. Again and again Dughh completed jobs all around the Galaxy. Every week after hours Dughh visited local taverns and met other Twi'leks. Little by little Dughh was infected by home sickness and few months later of vice president promotion Dughh decided to spent vacation for personal reasons. During the vacation he started to seek his relatives. Dughh didn't know what has happened to them and why his parents never mentioned any of them.

Finding relatives

Life is rough, that wasn't new to Dughh. He wandered around the Galaxy and visited in most of planets along main trade routes. Every planet Dughh visited without new clues of his relatives his interest turned more and more to trading. After nine months of travelling and seeking his past Dughh accepted the fact that the mission was fruitless All Dughh got from the trip was new hobby, trading. Because trading was only hobby for Dughh, he avoided high-risk trades and made some money with low-risk trades. Ulterior motive of all this trading is to get contacts. Come across with somebody who knows the past of Dughh's family or can lead Dughh to his relatives.

Back in business

During the long vacation Haven dissolved and Dughh has no work or home anymore. Everything he left before vacation was gone forever. Tyranny has risen above Trade Federation and its confederates by Jacob Jansen. Due the coup in TF Dughh decided to go as far as he can from TF and its confederates. He started to seek new job and ended up in Federation of Free Alliances. There were great fellows and lots of friendly faces. After few months of working for FFA, Dughh’s holoprojector beeped strangely. There was a message from old friend from time when Dughh was working for Haven. Old workmate called and asked if Dughh want to regroup with the core of Haven again. The decision was easy but at the same time really hard. At the moment Dughh started to feel Tapani sector homely his past called him away from there. Dughh decided to leave FFA behind and take course to Elrood and start working in Red Star Alliance. Red Star Alliance changed name to Rogue Squadron but it didn't affect Dughh's position in the organization.


'Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.' The future has been difficult subject to Dughh since he was born. Everything has gone different than Dughh has planned. But there are signs that Dughh will fight beside his friends against tyranny and harshness, against Imperial Union.