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Dukha Industrial
Dukha Industrial Logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Dan Hakim
2IC Vitruvius Bakara
Owner Dan Hakim
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 92
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Manufacturer
Holosite Dukha Industrial

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The Founding of Dukha Trading

In the beginning was a Noghri, Dan Hakim, a bit different to his clan mates, more outgoing and friendly than most of his race. After working for some time in the shipyards of Mandalore, he made some some friends other than Mandalorians. One of these friends, a well known trader, offered him the chance to be at the start of a new, medical based, business venture, the Noghri accepted. After working hard to try building up the new business venture, finding staff and other tasks, the trader friend fell foul off the 'galactic authorities' and was never seen again. Feeling a little lost and lonely, the Noghri decided to strike out on his own, start his own trading business.

After a while, the loneliness got worse, it became a gaping chasm of desolation that only time spent in the isolation of space can bring, then out of the ether, came a message, from a Kiffar who had previously turned down the Noghri's offer of employment with the medical business venture. The Kiffar had said a colleague of his had mentioned a good deed performed by the Noghri, and had heard only good things about him. The Noghri offered the Kiffar, Kain Eckert, a partnership in his new enterprise and the tall, quiet Kiffar accepted. Now rid of the loneliness, replaced with a new found sense of optimism, the Noghri set about forging a reputation for himself, his new partner and their new business.

Although the Dan Hakim hadn't always got along well with his clan mates back on Honoghr, he never lost the piece of his heart that held his memories of home. In order to honour those memories, he decided to name his business after the most important part of his culture, the clan buildings called dukhas. That final piece concluded the early development of the the company to be known to the galaxy as Dukha Trading.

In the space of around 3 years the business experienced substantial growth, at one point being the premier transport group in the galaxy, Dukha Trading had made its name and created its reputation for logistical excellence. All the while the credits flowed from the transport department they were reinvested to develop the company's infrastructure and production capabilities. A new headquarters, the city Dukhajaya, was established in the southern reaches of Tierell III, a planet in the Thesme sector.

The Noghri businessman disappeared, absent for a long time, his whereabouts unknown, only the occasional message to enquire how the Kiffar was doing. For a time the business struggled, the managerial workload too much for one sentient. The team steadily depleting in numbers, the Kiffar ploughed on, carefully picking deals and expanding Dukha's real estate portfolio.

When the Noghri returned, he explained how his absence was caused by a bad decision after a few nights in a rough cantina, he followed a Gamorrean female who led him into a trap. He made friends on the unidentified planet, friends who helped to set him free and enable his return. Disappointed at the size of the team but pleasantly surprised at the the number of new cities, he got back to business.

The Creation of Dukha Industrial

A chance discovery of a previously undiscovered planet, Axxila, led to Dukha claiming its greatest expanse of territory. It proved to be a very valuable discovery. Working as a team, the partners established a number of new work sites including many new raw material deposits. Kain Eckert took over managing the development of Axxila, while the Noghri returned to Tierell to work on generating new business from old contacts.

The Dukha Trading partnership, having taken stock of all the company's assets decided to relaunch itself, now a resource rich entity, the partners decided to establish a shipwright business, in an effort to retain its history yet mark the new direction of the business, the shipwright business was named Dukha Industrial.

The Expansionary Expeditions

It was around the relaunch that the organisation made its first significant discovery, Lorrd. The citizens of Lorrd were convinced by the Dukha Industrial owners that the system could once again be known throughout the galaxy if they allowed Dukha to lead planetary development. This redevelopment has seen the reconstruction of Lorrd University as the spearhead of a regenerative project for Lorrd City with the Frezen township also being brought to a standard closer to galactic standards for civilised populations. Dukha Industrial also awarded Lorrd development projects to both the SlabHunter group and SYT Transport.

Shortly after the deal with the Lorrdians, Dukha was hit by the Derra Virus, co-owner Kain Eckert and another senior member having been struck down by the infection. They are now identified as being of the Diathim race, leader Dan Hakim, as a result of his deep space isolation at the time, avoided contracting the disease.

Dan Hakim continued his work with the lesser known star charts of the galaxy and again plotted the search parameters for Dukha's next big discovery, the Dubrillion system. Found by a then, associate member of the team, Dionaea Kuat, the other members were caught out of position, unaware that Kuat had continued the search while the other senior members had left the search to attend to other duties. This led to what was termed by the owner partnership as a 'less than ideal colonisation' of the system allowing uninvited parties to stake their claims on Dubrillion while Destrillion was secured. Wishing to avoid unnecessary conflict, Dan Hakim set about establishing a forum for the stakeholders of Dubrillion to coordinate their efforts to establish and maintain a prosperous economic climate on the planet, despite empty threats from Black Sun to disrupt these negotiations.

A third successful search for uncharted systems came in collaboration with SYT Transport. After sharing his star charts with SYT leader Darlene Bazinga, Dan Hakim joined the search which led to the discovery of the Sartinaynian system in the Braxant sector. There it was agreed that Dukha would hold mineral rights on Bastion and control of the gas giant Sarti, while SYT would retain control of Bastion and governance of the system.

The SlabHunters-Dukha Industrial Merger

Sometime around Year 15 Day 100, talks between Dukha Industrial and their long time allies The SlabHunters began, which soon led to the official merging of the SlabHunters into Dukha Industrial. The amalgamation of the two groups created a new entity, still bearing the Dukha Industrial name but now with Darian Dash installed as the third leader in a newly formed triumvirate alongside the two original leaders. The combination of assets following the Slabhunters' sale of their properties in Jentares created a new group with far greater wealth, in terms of both finances and talent. This new wealth of talent and manpower was put to use straight away, the production lines once again were cranked up to full strength and new exploratory expeditions were planned and executed.

These new searching expeditions started to bare fruit, the Anx were reconnected with the rest of the galactic community following the rediscovery of Gravlex Med. Shortly after Gravlex Med in Raiaballo, Dukha Industrial stamped their mark on the Relgim sector with the discovery of the Ord Trasi system, which became the hub of Dukha's production and economic powerhouse of the group. The expansion continued with the discovery of the Horuz system, originally earmarked to be developed as an exclusive hunting retreat with the numerous asteroids serving as expansive private hunting lodges. However, never a fan of this scheme, when taking sole control of the group Dan Hakim began developing the system as a place for new businesses to get a start in the galaxy. The system became a community of of smallholders, working together and with support from Dukha Industrial to develop their own projects and the system as a whole.

Dukha Military Wing

Shortly after the discovery of Dubrillion the issue of security and protection of faction assets became a major concern. In response to these concerns it was decided that Dukha Industrial would need to start forming some kind of military wing, it was decided that Daniel Capone, a member of the group since before the rediscovery of Lorrd, was given the task of leading this new wing, where he was also given the title Commander. Commander Capone's duties involved not only commanding the military personnel but also the planning, purchasing and development of both arms and defensive strategy for all Dukha controlled territory.

The Dubrillion Conflict

The first engagement of Dukha's military wing under the command of Commander Capone.

About a third of the way into year 15, The Witches of Dathomir (previously known as Manticore Trading), one of the groups which had been granted permission to develop a small territory on Dubrillion, committed a serious breach of the agreement it had with the Dukha Industrial leaders. The original agreement saw Dukha Industrial allow the construction of limited residential developments with the deeds to said properties handed over to the planetary government, while all income would remain with Manticore aka Witches of Dathomir. The leader of Witches of Dathomir, Assurian Fury, himself little more than a half-witted pawn of the faction owners, proceeded to break the agreement by not only building more than permitted but also to make a grab for control of the planet. The leadership of Dukha Industrial had been suspicious of Fury since his first days on Dubrillion, as such he was under a much closer watch than he realised. When Dukha Industrial's leaders confronted Fury over the breach of contract he descended into a rage befitting his name, attempting to taint the Dukha reputation with slanderous comments to the galaxy at large, while at the same time constructing facilities with the purpose of ruining Dubrillion's fast-growing economy.

Fury was supported by Witches of Dathomir's owners and his own forces were supported by personnel from Dark Star Helions and Zann Consortium, this did not deter Commander Capone who fearlessly led the first campaign of Dukha's military wing. Capone's forces brutally supressed the insurgency, with Capone personally arresting and executing over 300 insurgents. His methods were a combination of traditional firing squads and some mercilessly creative executions, including rumours of him forcibly ejecting enemy forces from his personal command ship, a modified Sprint-class medical ship, at over 600 km/h.

The severity and efficiency of Capone's defence of Dubrillion lead to the surrender of Fury's forces. Darian Dash, in his first major act as part of the new Dukha triumvirate leadership, started talks with Fury and his masters. The skill of Dash's negotiating led to the Witches of Dathomir leaving Dubrillion while agreeing to hand over all their assets in the system.

In recognition of his inspirational and decisive leadership in battle Commander Capone received a promotion and now holds the honoured title of Admiral Capone.

As things currently stand, the Dukha group has influence over a large portion of the Northern Outer Rim, controlling the Kanz, Relgim, Atrivis and Myto sectors while also holding a major stake in the Braxant sector, this phenomenal growth in the space of less than one year had gone largely unnoticed by the galaxy at large.

A New Dawn

Around the start of Year 18, Dan Hakim took sole control of the group as Kain Eckert removed himself from active leadership to focus on attuning his nascent Force skills and Darian Dash retired to a life of hunting both creatures and bandits in and around the Relgim sector.

For the next year and a half Dukha Industrial re-positioned itself as a manufacturer-seller of, primarily, ships and later moving onto weapons and military droids. Gone are the days of selling raw materials; rather, Dukha's new focus is on using its mineral wealth in the newly opened factory complexes and orbital shipyards of Ord Trasi.

Another Dukha system, Horuz, has become a hub to incubate fledgling businesses struggling to find a place to put down some roots and create a solid base to build from. Plans are under way to create a training centre for those seeking to improve their skills while learning about the galaxy and its inner workings. It is hoped that those graduating from Dukha's new education centre will go on to either play key roles in the Dukha hierarchy or make their mark on the galaxy at large while retaining a piece of Dukha in their heart.

After a year of running the group alone Dan Hakim sought help from Vitruvius Bakara, a long-time friend of Dukha. Originally offering to share Dukha's infrastructure in Skeebo with Vitruvius's Natural Mystics group, the working relationship deepened until Vitruvius joined Dan Hakim in the boardroom. A few months later, Virak Kira joined Dukha as the Horuz Community Manager. This allowed Virak to not only connect with the residents of Horuz, but also to develop his own holdings in Horuz which he acquired during the now-abandoned plans to turn Horuz into an upscale hunting venue. After impressing Dan and Vitruvius with his efficient management of Horuz, Virak was also invited to join the board as Third-in-Command, recreating Dukha's Troika leadership model. Virak and Vitruvius came to disagreements about how certain aspects of the group should be managed, in the end Virak left to persue his own production group based on his asteroid in the Horuz System.

Dukha Industrial Becomes Dukha Group Towards the end of year 19 Dukha took part in 2 joint ventures, one the establishment of MandaPharma, the new medical enterprise led by it's major shareholder Teroch Qir-Zan. MandaPharma set up its headquarters on Despayre, a resource rich planet in the Horuz system, Despayre was chosen as a result of having a handful of naturally occurring alazhi groves amongst its lush forests.

The second joint venture was between Dukha and its Second-In-Command, Vitruvius Bakara, Minerax Consulting was created to manage the expanding mineral wealth of the group and also in response to safety fears following a small number of mine collapses. Minerax was created to improve and maintain safety for all employees of the group. Minerax is headquartered in the Lorrd system.