E Chu Sphinx

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Hacked by Teniel Djo on Year 5 Day 358

Location Unknown

In the skies above Anzat, there hangs the ominous sense of a system just seized upon by the dying Imperial Remnant, but it is not a sense of fear or paranoia for a pirate such as myself, it is a sense of mourning, stale death and impotence. What is the home of my ancestors, has become a temple of ineffectiveness. Yesterday while lying in wait for Sphinx Tulon's shuttle, I wandered the corridors of the ancient city of Nova Anzatia, reflecting on what was once a proud heritage of Anzati culture. It is now estimated according to records, that over 40% of registered Anzati hold allegiance to the pirates, a number that continues to grow with time.

But I digress from my main point, Sphinx Tulon, long time wannabe that has long plagued the galaxy by stealing from the helpless, has escaped the wrath of the law for over 2 years. The Imperial Remnant has been unable to track his movements, the Rebel Alliance is too docile to take any action against criminals, Falleen Federation never saw it fit to hunt him down, Hapan security forces were useless and the Trade Federation could never find a way to bring him to justice.

Like all tasks in the galaxy, hunting down and killing Sphinx Tulon became a job that it seemed only the pirate force could accomplish. I am speaking to you now from the skies of Anzat, where Sphinx Tulon's ship was just disabled, and I boarded with two members of my crew, Jilsander and Willie Tanner, killing him. His body is being taken to a nearby planet in the system where many of the Anzati pirates have gathered in preparation of the feast on his matter.

This is a warning to all in the galaxy, we are Eidola, do not kriff with us.