Egon Warfield

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Egon Warfield
Biographical Information
Race Noghri
Homeworld Honoghr
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.56 meters
Political Information


Egon was an orphan who came to Honoghr in a strange escape pod years ago. He was found by an old priest who immediately took him into his care and trained him in the way of the Noghri. Egons arrival to Honoghr was kept secret even to him and the priests refused even to talk about his parents when he inquired.

Even though Egon was trained in hand to hand combat he seemed to desire more advanced approach to combat. He spent years tweaking modern projectiles to develop a weapon more formidable. Egon excelled in Leadership and trade which is unusual for a Noghri. He refuses to hide from his enemies but to rather rush head on in a confrontation without fear. He lives for the hunt and the chance to prove himself as the greatest hunter in history.

The Noghri grew suspicious of Egon's interest and hobbies as they were seen as strange for a Noghri. They started to inquire about his lineage and the circumstances around his adoption by the old priest. The priest avoided the questions, because the answers all pointed to his bloodline to a violent ancient Noghri clan that had been banned from Honoghr thousands of years ago. The clan practiced capturing various species and releasing them just to track down their prey and kill them. The clan once hunted by the alliances was exiled to a black hole and were believed to be dead. However, the prophecy did say that a young Noghri of the clan will someday return to Honoghr and rebuild the great clan that was lost.

The priests decided Egon was attracting too much attention and It was time for Egon to come to terms, with who he was, and follow in the footsteps of the ancient clan of Noghri that left Honoghr long ago. Egon was smuggled out of Honoghr just before rumors began to spread that the prophecy has come true. Bounty Hunters are now searching for him to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled because a new clan of Noghri could upset the current galactic powers. Egon left to fend for himself now follows the path of the hunter or as he claims the "Predator" in search of the next prey.


Egon set up in the late part of Year 13 an ambitious goal. He would offer purchasing and delivery of K-4 Security Droids. Among the most common of security droids the K-4 is largely considered cannon fodder by most military leaders. No self respecting droid manufacturer produces them. Still they can be found on a variety of worlds, typically homeworlds of races. Egon though would take the time to visit these shops buy the droids and bring them to customers for about 20k a unit.[1]