Eidola Clarifies Bounty Rules After Imperial Killing Spree

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Eidola Clarifies Bounty Rules After Imperial Killing Spree

The coverage on the newest episode of Galactic ShowNews switches over to the Starsign News Station. A young, handsome Ishi Tib sits square, looking into the camera.

"We're dreadfully sorry to interrupt the coverage of Eidola's Party, and the Imperials' failed attempts to enter, but we have obtained a notice from none other than Eidola's Pirate Princess, Teniel Djo. It clarifies the rules recently broadcasted about the bounty on Imperial Remnant members. Ahem...

'Dear Galactic News Viewers,

We're sorry to say but the Imperial Remnant's High Command are not eligible to collect this bounty. Thanks Much!


Teniel Djo'

This letter comes after Deputy Director of Imperial Intelligence Matrel Byden admitted to Teniel Djo that she executed Shivane Baraduun. Any further attempts of Imperials collecting the bounty, or breaking news, and we'll cut back in to keep you informed!"

Disembodied voice: This has been a breaking news story by Starsign News.

Hacked by: Syn
Faction: Starsign Shipyards Date: Year 6 Day 208
From the Personal Residence STILL NOT EXPLODED BY BACH in city Industrial 6C on planet Vladet (-231, 40).