Eidola Expresses Grief over Poverty in the Galaxy

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Posted by Teniel Djo on Year 5 Day 187

Onboard the Bulk Freighter Teniel 8th at galactic position (-130, 308).

Teniel Djo, leader of the Eidola Pirates, held a press conference in New Valhalla, on the neutral world of Nentan yesterday, distributing the above leaflet to those few invited to the exclusive session. She expressed a deep sorrow for those persons of extraordinary calibre, who were damned by their surroundings, unable to make anything of their existence in a galaxy driven increasingly by the commercial and military powers that subjugate their denizens.

To help distribute her undoubtedly stolen gains over the past several months, Teniel announced that she would be helping, in her small way, to alleviate the financial stress felt by the average galactic citizen, and offered up the following contest which is open to everybody

-Find a picture of exactly 8 ewoks in the shot

-A picture of a B-Wing being destroyed

-A reference to a Hutt or Toydarian using the force

-The names of 5 pirates in Eidola

-A self-drawn image of a hoojib

-An image of AT-STs engaged in raucous behaviour

-A picture of Quarren holding a rifle

-An exhaustive biography of Mon Julpa

-Name the planet that the crew of the Swine Trek encountered a Sith on

-url for the faction banner that includes the term "Corpse of dying tradition"

-An image of Emperor Vodo with a female of any species, including furniture.

-Answers should be eMailed to "teniel@thepiratethreat.com" or else messaged to "Teniel Djo" within the next 2 days in order to win.

-Each correct answer is worth 10,000 credits.

-If you complete all the tasks, you receive double the amount of credits

-Alien species receive an additional 10% on top of their winnings