Eidola Kills One of Her Own as He Attempts to Defect to Enemy

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Posted by Teniel Djo on Year 5 Day 289

Location Unknown

This is Ketten Hraxl, live from the Elrood Sector where the body of a former Eidola member has been found abandoned along the hovertrain tracks. The body was found early this morning by two hovertrain engineers making their daily maintenance checks, and promptly reported to the planetary authority. The body was naked, with a single Zenji needle poking out his throat, with a card added posthumously reading "Those who betray Eidola and try to join the bounty hunters, will always be punished". It's unclear which Eidola member was behind the execution as the card is simply signed "The Dark Shadow". Now, back to you Bolf Wlitzer for the sports update on today's Tauntaun races.