Eidola Member list made public

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Posted by Zorran Black on Year 5 Day 260

Onboard the YT-510 MCS Myorzo at galactic position (330, -89).

As you may know Myorzo Corporation is built on the principals of ethics and fair play means good business, unfortunately there are groups out there that are completely the opposite. This led to the Myorzo Corporation creating a security faction Corporate Sector Authority as part of the CSA functions a sub division was formed Corporate Sector Intelligence otherwise known as CSI.

CSI were made responsible for the gathering of intelligence and information to help protect the Myorzo Corporation and it's partners from the threat of Pirates, Spies and Thieves. Recently the Myorzo Corporation made a break through and have obtained the names of the members of the pirate group Eidola, I felt it my duty to make the list public, so that those less informed will not so easily be duped by these men and women.

Max Caar

Teniel Djo

Crib Ulton

Joe Monso

Jeric Sensar

Zachai Dracolis

Bruce Spear Jr

Joruus Drax

Cysandra Branwen

Tuvo Manley

Plo Kahn

Kael Reidar

Fenrh Mahaf

Naos Grilmor

Tweek Jin`rah

Nuada Bishop

Yeh Vina

Kayl Rane

Ary Welkks

Teke Conaro

Jayni Daousi

It is believed that one or 2 of these pirates have met their demise in recent times and some have vanished and not made contact with their HQ and leader for some time, however it is believed that this list is approximately 80 percent accurate. As a community service I would warn that if any of these people approach you that you keep a tight hold on your pocket book.