Eidola announces plans for Bounty Hunting offshoot

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Posted by Teniel Djo on Year 5 Day 233

Onboard the Teta-class Old Republic Battle Cruiser Not Long to Go Now at galactic position (47, -80).

With the predicted prosperity for Bounty Hunting factions in the near future, it seems everybody is jumping on the bandwagon. Last night Eidola pirate queen Teniel Djo announced that Eidola Bounty Hunting would be hitting the stock markets shortly. Claiming that Eidola had several unpaid grudges and people it would like to kill, she explained that it seemed when People identified themselves as Bounty Hunters, it became exponentially more likely that they'd be able to kill their target.

Public rumor suggests that former Imperial Remnant executor Dreighton would be the first to find herself with an Eidola bounty on her head, with dozens more to follow in the hours immediately following the faction's creation.