Eidola hijacks another TIE fighter, this time through extraordinary means

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Posted by Teniel Djo on Year 5 Day 224

Onboard the YV-666 Beloved Angel at galactic position (76, 6).

Unlike the past several features on hijacking terrors in the Deep Core that we at the GNS have carried, today's bears the mark of a failure in Remnant intelligence reaching far beyond the simple TIE pilots themselves. Today marked the climax of a plan hatched by the Emperor Bonnyass himself, which in cooperation with MJ-12 leader Frank Bach and Commodore Kell Tainer, tried to lure the Eidola pirates into a trap set in the Kuat system. with three Imperial Star Destroyers, a squadron of TIE Bombers and a squadron of TIE l/ns circling the system prepared to tighten the noose when the pirate band entered, thinking they were going to find another defector.

However, possessing more intelligence than your average Imperial Remnant officer, Eidola pirates Teniel Djo and Willie Tanner quickly saw through the ruse, and began revising their plans for the assault. Through careful deception and sex with alien prostitutes, Eidola leader Bruce Spear Jr managed to convince Emperor Bonias that Teniel intended to bring the Teta-Class battlecruiser Gr