Eidola kills Victor von Ismay

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Posted by Teniel Djo on Year 5 Day 331

Onboard the YV-666 YV-666 in system Polith.

It seems the infamous Eidola pirate Teniel Djo managed to sneak through the Imperial occupation of Thyferra and kill the Imperial Moff Victor von Ismay. The Moff of Corellia was protected by the Imperial Star Destroyer Nemesis, 5 Victory Star Destroyers including Protector, Illustrious, Stormbringer, Iron Fist and Malevolence. In addition, the Dreadnaught Conquistador, the Lancer Shiva, 3 carracks including the Paragon, Excalibur and Invader. Fighter complements for this protection force numbered nearly 350.

It is uncertain whether any Imperials will face harsh action and punishment for their failure to protect one of the highest-ranking Imperials alive, but Eidola has certainly struck a great blow to the Imperial Remnant that has still stubbornly claimed to be winning the War Against Piracy. Eidola pirate Zachai Dracolis was even heard joking that the Remnant should change their name to "RIAA" though it was unclear exactly what he meant by that.

Using the security cameras left aboard Moff Ismay's private ship, the GNS was able to capture several clear shots that showed Teniel Djo herself was the one who boarded the craft and literally beat Victor von Ismay to death with her bare hands. It has long been rumoured that not only did the pirate girl bear incredible strength, but that the Moff himself was something of a coward unable to fight his own battles.

His corpse was found mostly intact, though his wallet was missing quite a large sum of credits, it is assumed by our investigative reporters that the fact he was found wearing this T-Shirt may've been related to the monetary shortfall.


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