Eidola mourns the loss of a good friend

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Hacked by Teniel Djo on Year 5 Day 360

Location Unknown

It is with a heavy heart that Eidola heard today of the murder of Mahavius Mekhet, one of the most reknowned and trusted freelance traders in the galaxy. He had a heart of gold, and was known for giving out ships and credits to newbies, his philanthropy is apparently what got him in trouble in the end. Setting down on Falleen to pick up what he thought was a poor stranded person new to the galaxy, he found that the Falleen Federation was too anxious to test its god-like powers and authorized Corellian Security forces to execute Mahavius Mekhet, a well-meaning freelancer who thought he was just being called to Falleen to help somebody.

He died because of his golden hearted generosity, and that is what his friends will all remember him by. He never spoke an angry word, he never refused help to any that needed it, and he never discriminated between those worthy of his help and those who might be seeking to harm him.

I regret that there are those in the galaxy so anxious to randomly kill even the most benign and friendly person that they pass, but it seems we live in an age where even Corellian Security "CorSec" is just so bored that they idly kill people they see on other worlds. While it may not be keeping in-character for CorSec, perhaps the life and death of Mahavius Mekhet can serve as a reminder of why your security agents should be held to a higher code than simple pirates, killing whoever they wish simply because they are bored at their current lack of activities.