Eidola posts her Bountylist again, spiting the Hand of God

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Posted by Teniel Djo on Year 5 Day 279

Location Unknown

Teniel Djo released a revised bounty list this morning, which she has paid in full to have advertised on today's issue of the GNS. It reads as follows

The following bounties are all legitimate, and will be paid upon remittance of proof that you have killed said character as you described. If there are any concerns about the legitimacy of a bounty, the bounty hunter (Or government member) may ask that the monies be deposited with a middleman who will then forward the money on to the killer once he/she is amply satisfied that they are telling the truth. (Bounties may, at the discretion of Eidola, also be paid if you simply captured the wanted person aboard your ship, and were unable to execute them, and are willing to turn them over to Eidola custody for later ransoming)

-Any active Imperial Member=5 million credits (Plus an additional 2 million if I recognise their name)

-Any active Rebel Alliance Member=3 million credits(Plus an additional 2 million if I recognise their name)

-Any active member of a Pirate group other than Eidola=3 million credits

-Absolutely anybody you kill, no matter who=1.5 million credits

As an additional note, it should be publicly known that Teniel Djo and several other members of Eidola will at various times over the following weeks, find themselves applying to join certain already-established Bounty Hunting groups for short periods of time, and intend to offer between 10-20 million credits as a reward for allowing them to use the group's hunting facilities depending on the urgency of each case.

Upon reading this list aloud over the CommSpeaker at GNS Headquarters under protection of Amnesty under Article 1138 of the Journalist Integrity Code, Teniel Djo then sent a "shout out" to Gorn Veynom and Jennifer Dreighton, to whom she asked us to dedicate the following song.

you hear the opening strains of the Modal Nodes' famous hard-wheeze song "In your face, Dug Puuduu"