Eidola raid captures an AT-AT and an ultimatum issued

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Posted by Teniel Djo on Year 5 Day 228

Location Unknown

The following release is written by Teniel Djo of the Eidola Pirates, and in no way is meant to reflect upon the opinions or loyalties of the Galactic News Service. It is being printed solely as per the demands of Correspondence #6487 as outlined in earlier postings.

An Open Letter,

Greetings, no doubt several of you have heard of me in the years since my father's disappearance in the Unknown Regions, and I also great faith that you know my line of work, who my comrades are, and what matters I address you on. Two hours ago over a secure comm line, I received confirmation from Kael Reidar that the Hit-and-Fade attack against the Remnant forces huddled in their Thyferran garrison was a success.

One of the oldest members of Eidola, Kael Reidar was tasked with organizing and pulling off this mission and quite aptly proved himself up to the task last night, not only dealing a severe blow to the Remnant forces, but managing to make off with a prize for Eidola's own inventory. An Imperial AT-AT Walker. Not only did he steal this fine specimen and kill the ranking officer, Sgt Tuvo Manley, aboard the Walker, he managed to complete the entire hit-and-fade mission without a single Eidola casualty.

However, the theft of this behometh is not the only reason I have addressed you this morning. Through the multiple campaigns Eidola has struck against the Imperial Remnant in their latest campaign of terror, we have found ourselves in possession of quite a number of Imperial forces taken prisoner during the thefts, hijackings and otherwise criminal behaviours we satiate ourselves with.

In total, 36 Imperial Forces have been spared our murderous appetite and are currently being held hostage in an unspecified location awaiting either death or freedom. The choice is simple, and their fate lies in the hands of their comrades in the Remnant. You are being given 3 days to withdraw all Remnant forces from Ord Vantrix, if you fail to comply we shall be given no choice but to treat these prisoners and hostages the same way we treated their peers, death.

For purposes both of identification and proof of our claim to hold these soldiers and pilots, we offer you these identification cards, taken from around the still living hostages.