Elysian Crown passes, Ling Reen to be King Reen

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Posted by: Gideon Bodnari - Faction: The Kingdom of Elysia
Date: Year 18 Day 322 From the Palace Crown Palace in Lortaa Elysium on Lorta (-70, -300).

LORTA, GENDIUS -- King Gideon Bodnari of The Kingdom of Elysia has chosen to pass on his crown, according to a statement from the Crown Palace at Lorta issued less than 200 days after Bodnari ended his regency and formally assumed the throne.

"In truth, I've never sought the kind of power that comes with a crown," Bodnari said in the statement. "I've always felt that I could serve more effectively as an administrator or advisor, but a head-of-state must provide a larger vision; I've always been more interested in nuts and bolts."

The statement also named Bodnari's successor: Duke Ling Reen. Reen began his service to the Kingdom in the Department of Infrastructure before being asked to serve in Czerka Corporation, where he swiftly demonstrated his talents as a leader. He was so successful that one of then-Regent Bodnari's first acts was to ask Reen to lead the nationalized mining corporation.

Reen again demonstrated remarkable talent in his leadership role by developing a strong corporate staff. He also used that position, as well as his private trading activities, to develop contacts throughout the galaxy that made him an adept diplomat -- skills he employed for the Crown as he added the title of Chief Diplomat to his portfolio.

Reen was later promoted to Lord of Infrastructure, and soon after that to Lord Chancellor, each time demonstrating greater and greater proficiency with the expanding duties.

"Observing Lord Reen these past few months, I am confident he has the vision, the drive, and the leadership skills the Kingdom needs," Bodnari said. "I feel I can step aside now and leave the Kingdom in capable hands."

Duke Reen will move his Crown seat back to the original Vigihan capitol at Bhuna Sound. The new administration has signaled no other policy changes at this time, preferring to continue building on the course of growth Elysia has already charted.

"I feel proud and honored to take my seat on this throne I have served since I stepped out of the mines of Gendius III,” Reen said. “The direction of our Kingdom and of the two great Kings I succeed will not be changed, and we will continue the course of our neutral diplomatic relations.”