Empire matches donation to Jedi Thief Fund

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Posted by Vodo Bonias on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the Super Star Destroyer Sovereign in system Tatoo.

A reporter approaches a podium with the Imperial insignia engraved on a wall behind her

Today the Empire matched the gracious 170 million credit dontation given by the inter-galactic philanthropist, Jerec Sensar.

I have a brief statement from Executor Vodo Bonias on the situation in Tatooine, todays donation and the departure of Executor Dreighton.

  • The image of the reporter is replaced by an image of Executor Vodo sitting down with a reporter from the Imperial Sun

Reporter: I must assume that you have heard about the large sum of money allegedly stolen from Jerec Sensar? Your thoughts please...

Executor Vodo: Jerec Sensar is a known thief and associate of the Black Sun. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Reporter: Does that mean you support to move by the Jedi Praxium?

Executor Vodo: I support the Emperor's mandate of a war on crime.

Reporter: Tell us how you feel about those that have voiced their support for Mr. Senar?

Executor Vodo: The Melebranche Syndicate or Faction is nothing more than a pirate group. Their fleet is comprised of stolen property. The ISD Shadowstone was stolen from the Empire and King Kuraine was put to death for it. The MHS Succubus, which was stolen by Ethan Stone, is also a part of their fleet. They are all thieves and pirates, along with Teniel Djo. They deserve what they got.

Reporter: Wasn't the Succubus stolen from Horizon chief Venom Kazar?

Executor Vodo: Indeed. We have some intelligence on the ship. It has been modified, but will still easily be destroyed by an Hapan or Imperial task force.

The intelligence information is displayed below

Length: 1,150 m

Hull: 10,000

Hyperspeed: 3

Sublight Speed: 2

Manoeuvrability: 1

Max passengers: 1,000

Weight cap: 25,000 T

Volume cap: 3000000.0000 m