End Game

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Posted by Mitch Gallor on Year 5 Day 329

Onboard the YT-510 Transport 3 in system Dellalt.

On your holovideo the screen goes black, and the logo of the NAO comes on the screen, the logo fades away and a reporter steps in.

This morning at about 5.30 the Anzati Royal Guards issued a complete lockdown of the Prime Ministers Palace. When word was received from Mitch Gallor, a NAO general, in the form of this message:

"Can... Can anybody hear me?"

The screen flickers on and off as the connection is established. It seems he must have hacked into the broadcast network to be able to reach so many people as he is clearly on board a Y-wing, instead of a studio.

"This is General Mitch Gallor of the New Anzat Order... argh"

He pauses for a minute to put pressure on the bleeding wound on his right shoulder.

"To anyone who can hear me... He's gonne mad, he killed Kraken and Stein, even Glandith and Cog. My god... I had a drink with Cog just yesterday. This can't be happening! The prime minister killed them all, its horrible..."

Another burst of pain flows through the injured man

"I dont know what to do anymore, I tried to stop him... It was like he was possesed or something... His eyes... They werent human... The Enzo I once knew is no more. The palace is under controle by his most loyal guards and all the priveleges have been erased from the database.

The soldiers were disarmed and some of them went thru some wierd experiment or something...

"The mining colony's, the breakdown of NAO and now this... Not even the Dark Side could be responsible for the things I've seen in the last couple of weeks. So what I do now, is for the good of the NAO and for the galaxy... I'm requesting intervention by the Galactic Empire."


"I had hoped this day would never come, but NAO is in need of order for its own good. My only hope is that I reached someone who could help clean up this mess...

I will travel to the NAO colony where none of the fighting has started to recover from my injuries. Don't worry about me, I'lle probably make it, I've been in worse situations then this.

-Beeping sounds can be heard as red lights can be seen on his face-

"Ow shhhhhhhiiii"

-End transmission-

The NAO's regulators entered the palace, and found no trace of either his Guards or himself. Apparently the Prime Minister has vanished. His personal communicator was found in his office, together with a note that said:

Kel Sha...

Tal'mac Dis'tra Del'Laere.

Na'noweia si'taia Shibio diu?

Ha'shak! Ki'banja'swei!

Di'bro, das weiafei, doo'wa!