End of Neutrality

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Posted by Eric Jackson on Year 5 Day 194

Onboard the Carrack/S-class Light Cruiser Apollyon at galactic position (-126, 394).

Holotransmissions all across the galaxy are cut short, rudely interrupted with an image of the built stature of Eric Taylor Jackson. His eyes are cold and unreadable, and yet anybody who knew him knew he was in a deadly mood, one out for one thing. Bloodlust surged through his veins, and it was clear on his face, if not in his cybernetic eyes. Clenching his fist off-camera, Eric begins to speak.

"I'm going to make this brief, and I'm probably lying about that. For too long have I ignored the vows I took long ago to defend freedom in the Galaxy. Too long have they been disregarded in favor of corporate practices. No more will I allow myself to be held back, and no longer will Eric Taylor Jackson sit around watching in silent anguish as innocent children are turned to soap."

He takes a deep, struggling breath. It's all he can do to keep from snapping the camera in half right then and there. "I do not speak for anybody but myself. And I shall make this one statement very clear to you, crystal clear. The Galactic Empire will fall. It shall die and rot in hell, just like it's leader. And even that, Vodo, is too good for you. Death is too good for you. But it shall be the fate you meet. It is the fate all who support the butchering will meet. It is the fate that will be delivered. You wont know when...you wont know how...and you wont see it coming. But you'll feel it."

Eric smirked slightly, dangerously. "You'll feel it. Jackson out."

The image cuts now to a crimson logo, an X, two verticle lines, and an S. In the background, superimposed to the point where it is a strain on human eyes to view, is the logo of the Order of Krath. Then as if nothing had ever happened, that image cuts, going back to the aforementioned interrupted transmissions.