End of Operation Sandstorm

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Posted by Arminius on Year 5 Day 145

Onboard the Lambda Shuttle Titan in system Tatoo.

As you listen to the populat evening show "Temptation Wookies", the image changes to the Galactic Empire crest as a voice-over says that the show was interrupted by a special bulletin. Under the crest, the planet Tatooine surrounded by Imperial starships is visible. The crest disappears, and hundreds of sandtroopers enter freighters and the landing pods.

In the temporary command center of Anchorhead, Major General Drakken dressed in sand uniform mounts the piedestal and speaks to the journalists.

"Gentlemen, my statement will be brief.

After a very successful mission, the Imperial Army has now completed its job on Tatooine. Martial law has been suspended and the Imperial Codex is now in effect on Tatooine.

Operation Sandstorm has been a tremendous success. Tatooine has been liberated from the smothering yoke of the Black Sun mafia with next to no losses on the Imperial side. Seditious groups have been ruthlessly subdued, one by one. Native police forces have been trained to uphold law and order on the planet, under the jurisdiction of COMPNOR and the Imperial Inquisition.

Tatooine has now the chance of becoming an ordered and prosperous society under the benevolent guidance of the Empire. The Empire has done its job as protector and ultimate overlord of the Galaxy. More systems will be liberated from the tyranny of crime, I can assure you of that. The Empire will win its crusade against galactic criminality.

Thank you, and Long Live Emperor Uebles."

The reporters start to shout and ask their questions in a confused and chaotic manner. General Drakken leaves the podium, salutes the journalists and exits the command center. The Imperial crest appears again, then fades to black back to the current show.