Endeaver/Eidola and the New Anzat order

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Posted by Gabriella Storm on Year 5 Day 337)

Onboard the YV-666 CCM Buckineer in system Polith.

What wicked webs we weave...

A few months ago, NAO had a Diplomat who said everything he did, he did for NAO. Up until about three months ago, he was the minister of diplomacy for the NAO. Malachai Brooks. He is now making transmissions suggesting he is leading a rebellion on NAO. A rebellion against the new government. His reason for this rebellion, is to prove he has the best interests of the NAO people in mind. Now he sent me a transmission this morning.

[Year 5 Day 336, 22:34] Kulthar Drax has been arrested by Malakai Brooks.

Now at the same time, Brooks took over Endeaver.

Year 5 Day 336 :: Marcus Obafemi, the leader of Drax Industries, was today replaced by Malakai Brooks.

How very interesting. He is partnered with one of the theives of NAO.

And now here they all are, with Eidola.

Malachai Brooks, and Endeaver all playing pirate together with Teniel , terrorizing, threatening and now murdering people.

And even worse, Endeaver wants you to come play droids with them? Would the good people of the galaxy really want to hand over hard earned money to pirates, and theives and betrayers of their own people?

I think not.

We thought Enzo was bad, but brooks is much worse. He has been selling NAO out to pirates for all these many months. I suppose a pirate woman is hard to resist, for something like Brooks.

NAO is permantently closed to Brooks. He is a criminal a terrorist and holds a death warrant.

Teniel, I would be happy to pay the bounty to you personally for killing him. I imagine by now, after listening to him whine and complain these many months, you are eager to silence him.

I would also like to see proof of the kill of Kulthar. Unlike the males of the galaxy, I am not so easily led. I can say I killed Kulthar too. It is meaningless until there is proof.

And didn't you fake your own death a few weeks ago, Teniel? Come now....show me the proof.