Endeavor Corp Appeals To Highly Motivated Individuals

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Posted by Rune Tao on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the YT-510 EC One at galactic position (-86, 170).

(Endeavor Corporation President Rune Tao saunters into frame at the brand new Endeavor Corporation Tower. The beautifully furnished room has a number of press gathered, a cluster of microphones is gathered on the podium. Tao begins to speak.)

In the interest of a departure from the recent long winded verbal assaults on the GNS of late, I'll try to be as brief as possible. Endeavor Corporation was founded on the ideal that a strong entrepreneurial spirit is one that should be cultivated and celebrated, especially so in Endeavor's chosen industry of information. Our core competency at Endeavor Corporation is the most accurate, detailed and organized scanning services in the galaxy, as well as the innovative MyAlert function that takes advantage of this database of scanning and intel. While this is unwavering and will not change, Endeavor must be more than that both to serve the galactic community to its fullest and to enrich the lives of our own employees.

With that principle in mind, I am here to make an appeal to the galactic community. I have a tremendous faith in individuals scattered all over this galaxy, occupying positions in all types of factions. Among them are people with strong minds, a desire to overachieve and a work ethic to deliver them to success. I want these individuals to be a part of Endeavor Corporation, a leader in innovation. Let me break it down a little bit further.

I know that you have ideas. I know that you have plans for success, maybe a long held dream of some kind of business or the mere thought of a creative way to serve the community. I know that you people exist and aren't being given the proper support for these dreams. I want Endeavor to be your home. You will be given the resources of the one of the fastest growing and respected companies in the galaxy, the guidance of veteran leadership and the manpower to help make your dreams a reality. You may not have enough to go out on your own, you may not have the details worked out completely and we're here to help.

Have an idea for a new kind of information exchange? How about a method of ship transportation or a systematic plan to document planets? Maybe your interests lie in refining some aspect of life that has gone untouched thus far. If you have an idea or would like to work with those people that have this strong will to succeed, come to Endeavor where that can be nurtured and developed. You will be run as an autonomous group within Endeavor Corporation complete with web site, accounting and procedures all your own. In the best case scenario, when these business flourish and expand, the option will even be available to start your own independent company.

I'm eager to here what the community has to offer. Strong business minds should make Endeavor Corporation their home, one that truly understands the deep rooted motivation that drives individuals...and groups to greatness.

For details on this process, please contact me, Rune Tao, and we can discuss the various exciting and creative possibilities that exist. Thank you for listening and enjoy the rest of the latest episode of Tom Servo: Pyromaniac.

(With that Rune Tao exits the podium and on the screen flashes simple contact information.)