Endymion Xanatos

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Endymion "Endy" Xanatos
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Togoria
Mother Serena Gallagher ((decease))
Father Malcolm Xanatos
Marital Status Seeing Someone
Born Year -11, Day 337
Languages Galactic Basic, Bocce, Jawa Trade Language
Quote "There is no coincidence in the world."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Coloring Slightly tan
Hair Color Black
Eye Color red
Political Information
Title Smuggler
Rank Second in command
Positions Drunken Pilot


Miner/Extraction ((sometimes))

Prior Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition (2 years)
Awards Awards Update2.1.png


Endymion grew up in a peculiar family. His mother who was a well-known bartender, Serena was famous in the bar that she worked at for inventing two new drinks. What people relay knew her for was the "special" service she would give to any male who didn't have a clue and had the credits to spend, before anything became too interesting she would get the man drunk and take their credits while they were passed out. His father was a raider causing trouble wherever he could and traveled the galaxy earning credits where he could get them, Malcolm slowly gains his wealth by collecting things from his adventure. The two eventually meat when Malcolm walked in on Serena's mugging of one of her "special" client, making it an awkward situation which ended with the two pointing their blasters at each other. The two of them didn't kill each other instead Malcolm asks the woman out for a few drinks.

Over the year the two begin to get more intimate, Malcolm kept his mischievous ways located on Corellia, ticking off the local authorities. While Serena was still working in the bar but was now expecting her first child. Past few months seem to be a dream the two were getting ready to settle down and start a family, Malcolm had enough credits to take care of there new found life. Few days before the wedding a group of stormtroopers begin looking for Malcolm claiming that the Galactic Empire had put out a warrant for his arrest. Refusing to die by the hands of the Imperials, Malcolm and Serena gather what they could and begin to head to the nearest spaceport, they manage to board his personal ship before a platoon of stormtroopers begin to fire on them. They quickly took off leaving the spaceport and the planet behind heading to a new destination.

Early Years


Endymion was born on the planet of Togoria, their home was in the mountains where they had a perfect view of the trees and horizon. Endymion would spend his time with his parents on the side of a nearby cliff watching the sun paint the sky and stare up at the stars. At the age of 7 Endymion became interested his father hunting trip begging both his parents to be able to learn how to use a blaster so he could go with Malcolm, both parents didn't think it was a good idea for a young boy to learn how to use a weapon. After two years of proving to his parents that he was responsible enough to handle himself they agreed to teach him, Endymion showed that he was a quick study able to pick up on the trade. Over the years Endymion continued to work on his education despite the fact that he hated it, he preferred to spend his time hunting with his father or staring at the stars. During this time the young man had a new interest in fast ships and flying through space, during his free time he was able to learn how to fly and repair ships thanks to the local pilots who would visit his mother bar in town.

Wishful Dreaming

At the age of 18 Endymion graduated school but with little credits to his name and his parents refusing to loan him some, he had no choice but to take the bartender job at his mother bar. It didn't take long for the young man to be able to pick up on the trade becoming quite good at mixing drinks for the customers, even tho this wasn't what Endymion had in mine he enjoy his time slowly learning how to speak some languages in the process and developing a taste for whiskey. A year later Serena had a heart attack and died in her sleep, both father and son were devastated by the loss of a family member. Not knowing what to do Malcolm decided to carry on and take over his wife business while Endymion not wanting to leave his father during this time stay and continue with his job.

A year passed on Endymion found himself looking up at the stars more often and dreaming of exploring the galaxy instead of staying in one place serving drinks, he had enough credits to by himself a fast ship to be able to begin his journey. Letting his father know his intention to leave and start his own life was no surprises to Malcolm, he told his son that exploring the galaxy was what their family did. Endymion father began to tell his son of how his grandfather was a raider who had ran around taking items from people and making his own wealth, he stated that he to was one as well before they came to live on Togoria. Endymion was surprised to hear this as his father continued on saying that he received his armor from his father before he died and that now was time for Malcolm to pass down the armor to his son. With his new armor, Endymion went off to buy himself a ship an YT-2000 he was set to begin his adventure, taking what little he had and saying goodbye to his father he began his new life in the stars.

Fast ships & Whiskey... What can go wrong?

"I don't have problems when I drink... I just start them."
— Conversation between Endymion and a thug

Mysterious Wanderer

Endymion spent a year going from system to system, visiting local bars seeing what kind of job he could get. Since working at his family bar the young man had developed the taste for Falleen Fire Whiskey. He refuses to get involved with local politics or personal problems stating that those things were not his concern, after about year of doing odd jobs and he eventually found someone who was willing to pay him to transfer personal ship from across systems. Endymion new employer willing to pay him 5 mill in credits for every ship delivered plus free bottles of whiskey, despite the fact that the man he was working for was more than corrupt. He wouldn't know how corrupt his boss really was until about two years later. After working for his current boss it seems that Endymion was trusted with a new delicate job, so much so that his employer was willing to pay 50 mill credits for its success. Again Endymion agreed to take on this job not knowing what it was that his employer wanted him to pick up from Tatooine.

Arriving on Tatooine Endymion was to meet up with his contact receiving his additional information on his job, he was to locate and bring back a group of people to his employer at any cost. Not really sure why these people were worth so many credits for there safe arrival. Endymion began tracking for the group of people with so little clues, unaware of the young man he was being followed by a girl with red hair. About a week within his search he was suddenly attacked by his stalker, it took a few minutes for him to knock the girl blaster out of her hand while bringing his up against her head unaware to his stalker had a Vibroblade up against his stomach. Both grudgingly admitting to a tie the girl introduces herself as Amaria Kurack, she knew who Endymion worked for and why he was on Tatooine that she was there to stop him. Amaria was a freedom fighter she took in on to herself to free slavers and killed anyone who would buy or sell them, she began in to tell Endy that he knew that slavery was wrong and that he should join the fight. Endymion was reluctant stating that it's not his fight he will finish his job and go on to something else, Amaria became angry at this and swore that in the end, she will convince him to do what's right. Ignoring the comments Endymion told the young girl that she was free to go, but she refused to leave his side and begin to follow him. After two days together they finely found the group of slaves both Endy and Amaria watch as they were forced to work for there owner, the girl glanced up and the Endymion with a slight smile "Well.. what are you going to do now?" In response, Endymion pulled out his A280 and begin to take aim at one of the guards "Were going to free them." The two begin to attack the guards Endy sniping them from afar and Amaria getting as close as she could to the slaves, chaos began when the guards and they fought back. When it was safe enough Endymion made his way down towards Amaria and the group of slaves the two knew that backup would be coming soon, they quickly got the newly freed slaves out of the area.

A Lost Friend

The news of the two adventures spread throughout Tatooine and a few other nearby planets, mostly in local bars where the patrons talked about the two. Although it was not Endymion idea to become famous by freeing slaves from there captures, he had to admit that he did enjoy helping the innocent and bringing a sort of justice to the galaxy tho he would never admit it to Amaria. The two spent three years going around trying there best to free either slave's or stopping any kind drug trafficking that the scum of Tatooine try to pull. During there little escapade Amaria and Endymion would receive death threats but it never bothered them, mostly they were just open ended threats. Until one day when a death stick deal went wrong, the two were caught in a firefight, during this a high ranking official who worked for criminal Hutt had died. No one knew who killed him but the organization the official worked for blamed the two vigilantes, Tunvemresch the half bionic Hutt became infuriated and wanted anyone to bring the two alive to him so he could kill them himself. Endymion recognizes the bionic hutt tattoo on the official he instantly knew that they were going to have hell to pay if and when the hutt organization caught up to them. The weeks following the incident both Amaria and Endymion were hunted every time they went out into the local town the would run into a firefight between the bionic hut organization and themselves, each time they were ambush it was a fight for there lives. The hunt for the two went on for four months supplies begin to run low and the two were on the brink of starving to death.. the thought of getting shot by the hutt man began to sound like a good idea. One morning Endymion woke up to find that Amaria was gone only thing she left was a note stating that she was going to finish what the bionic hutt had started, fearing for the girl life he quickly gathered his weapon and what was left of there supply's and left there hideout.

Upon arriving at the local city he could hear blaster bolts and knew that Amaria was in the middle of it, by the time he was able to get close enough to the action area became quiet the shooting stop. Endymion could hear Tunvemresch mechanical voice calling out over the rubble the hutt knew that he was there, looking the rubble he could see the bionic hutt standing there with his mechanical claw around Amaria throat. Tunvemresch demanded Endy to give up and face the wrath of hutt, before he could do anything a blaster bolt fired right behind him hitting one of the hutt guards. Some of the citizens for the town came rushing in firing at the criminals and Endymion pull up his weapon and begin to fire at Tunvemresch but the hutt snap Amaria neck, everything began to move slowly for him as he watched his friend lifeless body drop to the ground. Blinded by rage Endy begin to charge in to the onslaught trying to get himself close to Tunvemresch shooting at anything that try to attack him, the next thing he remember was using a Vibroblade cutting at the hut eye before blacking out. Endymion woke up at the local hospital his body in pain when he asked what happened he was told that his friend had died thanks to the hutt some of the citizens who stood up against Tunvemresch group manage to run them out of town and Endy had only blinded the hut in one eye.

The Bar Fighting Angel

Endymion and Yue 2.png
Endymion & Yue at a bar

The following year was hard for Endymion, the death of his friend weighs heavily on his mind. He blamed himself for her death he mentally closed himself off to anyone that tried to help him. Instead of dealing with it he decided to find the answers at bottom of a glass and an occasional bar fight he may or may not have started. Endymion more than lost his hope but he had lost his way in life, where before the young man was willing to help those in need he now wanted no part of it. One night he sat alone in a bar when he was interrupted by few patrons who demanded that the young man give them his credits, Endymion refuse to do he slowly began to stand up it was clear that he had a little too much to drink while fighting to keep himself up straight.

The next thing the drunken Endy knew he fell back while the thug trying to grab him, in response he pulled out his blaster he wasn't able to pull the trigger but manage to smack one of them in the head. The boss of the group quickly grabbed a bottle braking he than begin to swing his arm in an attempt to stab Endymion, the thug leader manage to cut Endy on the left side of his face. Falling to the floor Endymion wasn't able to get back up the room begin to spin the drinks were hitting him even more than he thought it would, next thing the young man knew he could see the thugs pointing there weapons at him about ready to shoot him. A bottle was thrown from across the room a Diathim stood there his blue eyes glaring at the fighters, the diathim long silver hair moved along with him as he came and stood between Endymion and the thugs. The silver hair angle helped Endymion up to his feet, the leader laugh and thrust the broken bottle at the newcomer only managing to cut the diathim white clothing. Without saying a word Endymion and the diathim manage to take care of the renaming thugs without a problem. Endymion watched the angle like being wondering if he wanted something or wanted to fight the young man but the diathim surprise Endy by picking up few napkins and handing it to him "Name Yue.. let me get you another drink." agreeing Endymion and Yue sat down at the bar enjoying a drink of Falleen Fire Whiskey.

Picking Up the Pieces.. The Flying Daredevils?

Endymion visits victims of war at the hospital.

With his new companion, the two became close friends, it didn't take long for Yue to help Endymion out of his depressed state of the loss of his dead friend Amaria. The two discover there dislike towards Galactic Empire what they stood for and what they did to the innocents that either refuse to bow or were caught in there crossfire, two of them decided that they should try to do there part in the war against them. Even tho they were not in an official group the idea was for them to provide either air support or evacuate the injure innocents that were trying to flee from there homes, they knew it wasn't much but with both of there flying skills and daring attitude they were sure they could save as many as they could. This proved harder than the two thought despite there flying skills the Empire pilots were pretty skilled as well but that was to be expected, Yue would have contact that was able to get clarified information about upcoming attacks when they were determined that it would happen the two would quickly get into there ships.

Endymion and Yue would spend there time at the hospital talking to the people they saved or trying to bring them some supply's, even tho Endy hate going to the hospital for some reason he enjoyed talking with the kids and trying to get them to laugh. He was often found doing voices or as some people would say acting like an idiot, to the 28-year-old didn't care as long as the kids forgot about there pain and had a good time. The two daredevils continue there mission for a few months until one day during one of there evacuations mission they ran into a faction group Triumvirate Coalition were on a mission fighting the troopers, they ignore the fact that Endy and Yue were not exactly with them and agree to have them help get civilians out of the area as fast as they could. The two took this as a friendly challenge and begin there evacuation as fast as they could, they did a few sweeps making sure that no one was left there alone once they were sure Endy received a message for him and his friend to follow them to a secure location. Not sure what was going on Endy followed members of TC to a hospital that they used as there base of operation, once inside the two were greeted by the head of logistics who was impressed by Endy and Yue flying skills and determination to help people they didn't even know. They offer the two pilots jobs within TC saying that both navy and logistics were looking for people like them, it didn't take Endy long to accept thinking that he could be able to do more if he was within a faction while Yue decided that he wanted to start up his own rescue business. Endy and Yue went there own way knowing that they will still stay in contact no matter what the two would still get into some kind of trouble, whether it was together or not.

Triumvirate Coalition

The Valley

Valley of the Jedi TCGKaD.png
View of the Valley of the Jedi.

It had only been two months sense Endymion joined the Triumvirate Coalition, everything seemed to be going grate, the start of a new career and friends nothing could have been better. On Year: 18 Day: 117, few faction members begin to receive a strange distress call coming in from Ruusan, news of this begin to spread soon everyone became curious wanting to know who was sending it and why they were in TC space. They didn't have to wait long for a response, a news bulletin was quickly sent out showing a well-known chamber member who began to confirm the rumors saying that the ship in question sent out an emergency broadcast and had crash land on Ruusan, no one was sure why they were there or what was on board. Before the broadcast was over the chamber member sent out a request asking for any member in TC who were adventures or crazy enough to go to Ruusan, to find the ship and deal with the strange atmospheric storms. After watching the news bulletin and hearing the request for volunteers, knowing that he loves an adventure and that he was truly crazy to do something like this after receiving permission from his CO Endymion quickly sign up and was one of the first joined.

An elite task force of 23 members was formed to undertake the mission to Ruusan, each member was selected by there unique skill, tho Endy had no idea for sure as to what skill they picked him for. Once the elite task force officially announced the members had a day to get their gear together and head to Ruusan, not wasting any time Endymion unpacked his armor that he received from his father and took along with him his trusty A280 and bag full of useful items including his favorite whiskey. The team arrived at Ruusan ready for there mission they didn't have to wait long for the leader of the mission to begin the debriefing, the elite task force began their journey onto the surface of the planet there pilot trying their best to make the trip less turbulent as they could. Right from the start the team faced fierce creatures, ticket off bandits, harsh weather and had to deal with a random informant that were present on Russan, the team didn't hesitate as they worked together to defeat each obstacle that got in there way. The group spent 14 days traveling through 17 gruesome territories to reach their destination the Valley of the Jedi, at this location the elite task force were at the center of an extremely strong atmospheric storm. The team leader took two members along with him going up to the rocks and finding a small crevasse, in side they found a holopad screen that was attached to the rocks while everything around them seemed to be untouched for generations it didn't take long for the two team members to hack into the holopad. The discovery of the holopad was connected to the central power grid for the valley with a lot of power being funneled through the current central node, the team leader gave the go-ahead to shut the power down the result seemed to make the storm rage even more then it all ready was. Endymion waited with the others while they huddle together trying to get some cover from the storm when their team leader called for everyone to head into the city where the storm seemed to be originating, everyone thought he was crazy but decided not to argue about it and follow him. The team battle there way up to the top of the hill each one exhausted from the hike but it seemed that the view was worth it if the storm wasn't blaring around them, at the top it seemed the storm was getting worse then ever before the center of all of the cause was right where they are. As they continue to walk closer and closer to the center they could see a figure standing there in the middle as they got closer they could hear a faint sound of a lightsaber igniting follow by a faith green light, team leader crouched next to the Jedi the rest of elite task force followed suit as they got ready to fight while trying there best to watch the Jedi see what he would do. The Jedi lift up his hand and seem to channel the storm forcing it to the planet, it seemed like an eternity before the storm finally disappeared. In the clearing they could see the distress ship it was reviled that the Jedi was the one who sent out the distress call he seemed to set off some kind of security which start the strange atmospheric storms, the team went to check on the Jedi ship to find that the cargo bay was field to the brim with barrels of Loggie Ale.

The Purge

Space bandits decided to take over nearby systems that were close to Triumvirate Coalition, ambushing unsuspecting travelers who enter the asteroid fields. Some were able to make it out alive while others died trying to escape the bandits or the incoming asteroids. Noticing a lack of visitors coming into TC space, chamber members begin to investigate the situation they found out what was going on and decided that immediate action must be taken. Working together several departments decided to go on a hunt for the space bandits the team members jokingly called it "The Purge." The team was divided up into five groups for about a month, each group worked together going to each section getting rid of the space bandits and making systems close to TC space safe again.

Operation Twilight's Beckoning

Corrupt Holovid.png
Corrupt holovid showing TC "involvement".

Year: 18 was an amazing year for discovery even more so for the science community, this was true for GenSci Institute and Twilight Foundation. On Day: 286 the galaxy became a witness to political tensions that would soon become full of war. With the war starting up the two side were split on how they conduct their experiments, GenSci want to dissect or kill creatures while Twilight wanted to preserve life, these ideals split the galaxy in two while half believed in GenSci ideas what seem like the rest of the galaxy did not agree and decided to side up with Twilight. As the disagreement continue to escalate rumors begin about certain factions & individuals were working for certain groups, one such rumor GenSci operatives spot a squad of Triumvirate Coalition navy A-wings conducting covert operation possibly attempting to infiltrate one of GenSci research station somewhere around Alderaan. Whether this was true or not no one was sure, members from TC neither confirm nor deny the spreading rumors.

The science war began to get even worse both side arguing and making threats against each other, the situation took a major turn when GenSci decided to release military droids the R0-L0 Tank Droid against Twilight members and anyone who were helping them. In retaliation, Twilight sent out there assassin droids the BN-D0 Assassin Droid the result started a huge war that the science community has probably ever seen, members of each institution and citizens helping the respective team infighting and capturing the enemy industry droids. During this time more rumors increased about famous members and faction with in the galaxy helping Twilight Foundation or GenSci, some distorted footage was found showing what could be TC members capturing GenSci R0-L0 Tank Droids and turning enemy Twilight droids back to there side. The war took a meager turn when GenSci robots begin to run from there location, later on, that day news was sent out on the Galactic News Service announcing that Twilight Foundation had won the war.

New Years Year 20


TC Medals & Ribbons

Year: 18 Day: 110 - Received General Goods Pickup - Smoothie Specialist medal

Year: 18 Day: 110 - Received Least Comatose - Smoothie Specialist medal

Year: 18 Day: 146 - Received Mineral Hauling - Smoothie Specialist

Year: 18 Day: 197 - Received The Valley Ribbon

Year: 18 Day: 200 - Received Logistics Service Award

Year: 18 Day: 215 - Received Artist's Brush

Year: 18 Day: 215 - Received Recruitment Award

Year: 18 Day: 238 - Received The Purge Ribbon

Year: 18 Day: 293 - Received Operation Twilight's Beckoning Ribbon

Year: 19 Day: 103 - Received Operation Foundation Ribbon

Year: 19 Day: 131 - Received Recruitment Award

Year: 19 Day: 131 - Received Pesmenben Service award

Year: 19 Day: 131 - Received Recruitment Citation award

Year: 19 Day: 131 - Received Mass Recruitment Citation award

Year: 19 Day: 263 - Received Operation Urgent Fury Ribbon

Year: 20 Day: 70 - Received S.H.O.T. Certified Badge