Eriadu Authority

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Eriadu Authority
General Information
Motto "Death to Sonovabitches"
Status Active
Leader Kai Arkanian
2IC Marko Dangerus
Owner unknown
Headquarters Seswenna system
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 250
Political Information
Affiliation The Krath
Industry Medical
Holosite Eriadu Authority

The Eriadu Authority is a medical and paramilitary organization headquartered in the Seswenna system near the southern Outer Rim Territories within the boundaries of Rogue Squadron.



Eriadu Authority (EA) is in fact a business branch of a military unit of same name. It is ruled by a triumvirate formed by Eriadu Authority Legionaires Commander, Chief of Staff and CEO of EA Medical branch, decisions are being made via simple majority vote, though a tradition of continued discussion until unanimous decision can be made is being upheld.

Due to its focus on providing for EA military unit, only a small part of Eriadu Authority's production reaches public market.

Medical Branch

Eriadu Authority's medical Branch is being Headed by CEO Kai Arkanian, who excels in uneasy task of providing both equipment and large part of budget for EAs Legion. Large Production hub owned by Eriadu Authority in Seswenna system is helping to provide for both Military and public sales at same time.

Eriadu Authority's public sales, focus on providing packaged services for hunters or freelance mercenaries, in one transaction the clients gets a medical ship, medical supplies and a long term contract of Trained mercenaries hired and tested by Eriadu Authority recruitment specialists.

Part of EAs medical branch is its Surgeries sub department created by Head Surgean Leven Kertyle, who decided to give Eriadu Authority an edge in Cybernetic technology by adding to it her experience in genetics and xeno-genetics gained during her quite successful treatment of Metamorphosis Plague victims.

Military Branch

Eriadu Authorities Legion is headed by Captain Dragomir Kies and Chief of Staff Urkh Malal, and consists of undisclosed amount of highly specialised troops, vehicles and small mobile fleet used mainly for insertion and extraction duties.

Affiliation and Foreign relations

Eriadu Authority was formed under auspices of Rogue Squadron and within its territories, and took upon itself a role of RS ground forces unit. As a member of galactic Alliance EA landed on Derra IV and took active part in GA peacekeeping operation there, fighting with great success against forces of First Sun, Tresario Star Kingdom and Galactic Empires 3rd Imperial Legion. Notably during battle of the Training Academy, EA was one of most successful combatants, and even lent Close Quarters specialists teams to officers of other GA forces when Imperials chose to withdraw from the streets.