Espionage Foiled.

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Posted by Chiss Veers on Year 5 Day 299

Onboard the Star Galleon [ST] Burning Desire in system Saari Ha.

Veers takes his place on the stand followed by a beautyfull red headed woman who radiated a scertain danger. As soon as Veers stood there the holocams started to record

Today two industrial spies were executed by my personal security team and there leader Veers glanced sideways to the lady standing besides him Miss Kilgarth.

These two spies, Tinius Brown and Solon were found trying to escape Sienar Technologies HQ with plans of the research department and in the following chase they were captured and executed after all information could be retrieved from the prisoners.

I will not condone any espionage or any other criminal act against ST and those who will try will meet Miss Kilgarth, and Sienar security forces.