Establishment of Aruu Police in Aruu II on Dathomir

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Hacked by Keibak Aruu on Year 5 Day 362

Onboard the YT-2000 The Executioner at galactic position (-227, 82).

A Kaminoan appears on the holo-projector

Welcome to another edition of the Galactic news. Earlier this week, Governor Keibak Aruu has hired his first squad of police officers for the planet Dathomir. The first squad will be placed in the city of Aruu II.

The Governor has hired several officers and detectives to protect the city under the command of Lando Mixoplek. The newly appointed Captain had this to say: "I promise you and the governor and all citizens of Dathomir that there will be Law and Order here!"

Reports also indicate the Governor Aruu has also hired witch hunters to find and capture and hopefully reform all Nightsister tribes still left on Dathomir. The governor comments: "Good news is we have captured a tribe of six Nightsisters and their leader already. This is a good sign of things to come. We hope we can help these beings reform into normal citizens of society. The search still continues for all the other tribes and I am certain we will make this planet 100% safe again."

When asked about the type of security established, Governor Aruu said: "My police force consists of Noghri, Wookie, Gamoriens, and Trandoshans. These beings are very strong and able and especially loyal. They will help keep the peace on the planet. As far as the Nightsisters in custody... We had to place them in Universal Energy cages so that they do not use their force powers on us."

With reports like these, the planet Dathomir certainly looks like its heading in the right direction.