Ev'reuin Family

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Evreuinemblem clipped rev 1.png
Per Temporis Sustinemus
Through Time, We Endure
Historical Information
FounderArtemia Ev'reuin
TitlesMatriarch (Currently)
EstablishedPrior to the 1st Alsakan Conflict
General information
Current headSia Vir`uan
HeadquartersNocturnal Palace
FlagshipLegatum Sanguinis Gloriae
AffiliationEv'reuin Reliquary
SpeciesHuman (Alsakani/Hapan Primarily)

Born of Alsakan, the Ev'reuin Family primarily consists of Humans specifically of Alsakani and Hapan stock. The Family has endured since before the 1st Alsakan Conflict and has suffered its share of rises and falls. The family is just starting to recover from the major losses it sustained during the First Galactic Civil War. Divided across the galaxy, the name of Ev'reuin begins its rise once more, its fate unchanged, for through time, we endure. With the family merger of the Hapan Vir`uans the Ev'reuin have once again taken on a Matriarchal Stance, with Sia Vir`uan appointed as current Matriarch of the family. The traditional words of the family have always been "Through Time, We Endure", but in recent years the inclusion of the phrase "To Yourself Be True" has become quite common amongst the younger generations of the family.

Historical Information


The family was formed prior to the start of the 1st Alsakan Conflict with the Galactic Republic by Artemia Ev'reuin, First of Her Name. She constructed the ancient family home of Nocturnal within a deep valley around Old Archais that would later be renamed as the Artemia Veil in her honor. Her reign as family Matriarch was cut short when she perished in the final battle against the Republic during the Conflict. Due to navigational beacon termination, the Alsakan Fleet found itself stranded and unable to retreat, and it was thanks to the actions of Artemia and the ultimate sacrifice of her flagship and life; that the Fleet was able to restore the beacon and plot a course back to Alsakan. Her heir and brother, Regnald Ev'reuin was named Patriarch of the House and named Dux of Archais in thanks of Artemia's sacrifice, a move that would begin the familial rise to power. During Regnald's reign as the family patriarch, the foundations of Nocturnal were expanded upon, including the finalization of Mist House, the creation of a family crypt, and the construction of the Weeping Walls. The rest of Regnald's reign was marked by the expansion of Ev'reuin Military Assets including the formal creation of the "Heritage Guard" and adding two additional ships to the Ev'reuin Fleet.

7th Alsakan Conflict

The 7th Alsakan Conflict marked the greatest expansion in authority and power of the Ev'reuin Family. It began in the earliest days of the conflict when the Alsakan Museum of Cultural Preservation was destroyed by orbital bombardment by Republic Forces. In direct response to this, the family formed the Ev'reuin Reliquary with the intent of preserving the knowledge, culture, and history of Alsakan and its people. Following the conflict extensive the family conducted extensive excavations at the site of the now destroyed museum in order to reclaim as much as possible, which was secured in new Reliquary Vaults hidden deep under the Nocturnal Palace. During the middle stages of the conflict the Heritage Guard, under the direct command of Caesin Ev'reuin boarded a Republic Foray-class Blockade Runner dubbed the Star of the Core. Upon securing the vessel it was safely escorted back to Alsakan where it was heavily retrofitted with the latest technological innovations. Though old by military standards the refitted vessel proofed an excellent boon to the war effort as it was capable of slipping behind Republic lines relatively unnoticed and relaying crucial strategic data back to the Alsakan Fleet. Following the conflict, the ship was renamed the Legatum Sanguinis Gloriae and formally became the Flagship of the family. It received additional and extensive modifications allowing it to serve within this capacity.

From Rising Fire to Smouldering Ash

The First Galactic Civil War would mark the end of an era for the Ev'reuin Family, as the galaxy quite literally came clambering down around them. Alsakan, a cultural crown jewel of the Core Worlds found itself the target of both Republic and CIS military endeavors when its leadership contemplated using the war to embark on yet another Alsakan Conflict with the Galactic Republic. As a result, the world found itself at odds with both military powers. Critical areas of the world were rapidly occupied by the Republic desiring its strategic position near Coruscant while the CIS was poised to lay siege to it. One such position in the world was that of the Artemia Valley, home of the Ev'reuin Family. The household quickly saw its assets pressed into service on behalf of the Republic, with all its ships taken save for the Legatum, which had been deemed too old for a practical naval application.

As the orbital bombardment began the family watched in horror as the valley was burned to a crisp. Trees that had grown for generations blown to cinders, the Old District city that had served as the families ward since its founding leveled, and the colorful glimmering blasts bombarding the shield of the Nocturnal Palace. One would have been mesmerized by the beauty of the lights if not for the pure horror it was inflicting around it. Knowing the shield would not last for long the family moved everything they could from the secure Reliquary Vaults beneath the Palace aboard the Legatum, along with as many people as the ship could hold. As the shield generator within Nocturnal blew out the Legatum blasted off from the surface flying through the torrential downpour of laser blasts. Its shields giving way, and its hull shuddering from the pressure the ship successfully ran the blockade but at a tremendous cost. Upon its arrival at its new home in the Hapes Cluster, the vessel's hyperdrive and engine array utterly blew out leaving it stranded within the Relephon System, where the core of the Ev'reuin Family would sit down roots until the day came that Nocturnal could be reclaimed.

Modern Era

Lineage & Membership

Ev'reuin Family Tree of the Modern Era - Immediate Line

Herminius Ev'reuin♂ 
Octavia Daelisun♀ 
Caius Ev'reuin♂ 
Aeliana Etorin♀ 
Coris Garallia♂ 
Cora Tharandon♀ 
Orlen Ev’reuin♂ 
Korin Ev'reuin♂ 
Yennefer Vir`uan♀ 
Antonious Ev'reuin♂ 
Fawn Nayla Calais♀ 
Vidimir Ev'reuin♂ 
Joanna Tharandon♀ 
Dar Victus♂ 
Lara Navos Snr♀ 
Sia Vir`uan♀ 
Draconis Vir`uan♂ 
Tacticus Vir`uan♂  
Wesley Hugh Calais♂ 
Jasmine Natalia Brooks♀ 
Alina Tharandon 
Lara Navos♀ 


  • † -Deceased
  • ♂ -Male
  • ♀ -Female

Members of the Family Ev'reuin


Internal Structure

The Ev'reuin Family once retained an extensive structure of support staff in its days as Nobles. In the modern era, only a handful of internalized positions remain, all of which are granted only to members of the family line.


  • Currently Held by Sia Vir`uan
  • The effective head of the Family. In generations past the family leader was known as the Dux of Archais, however with the termination of the nobility system on Alsakan during the First Galactic Civil War all claims to nobility are non-existent. With the unification of the female Vir`uan line of Relephon to that of the Ev'reuin, the family has moved into a stance of matriarchy, with the leadership of the house being obtainable by females only.

Praefectus Castrorum

  • Currently Held by Vacant
  • The Quartermaster of the Armory. The Praefectus Castrorum is responsible for maintaining the Armory of Mist House in the Nocturnal Palace as well as retaining an active and up to date log of all familial assets and their current assignments.

Priorum Medicus

  • Currently Held by Margot Tharandon
  • The Chief Doctor of the Family. Responsible for providing medical care and attention to family members when sick. The Priorum Medicus also retains some authority over the remnants of the Heritage Guard in regards to their health.

Praefecus of the Officium Internum

  • Currently Held by Sia Vir`uan
  • Head of the Ev'reuin Reliquary Internal Office, and Chairwoman of the Reliquary Directorate. Responsible for the management, care, and direction of the Ev'reuin Reliquary on behalf of the Ev'reuin Family. Traditionally held by the head of the family, or heir.

Prædicator Informatum

  • Currently Held by Wes Calais
  • Genealogist of the Ev'reuin Family. A position that was formed following the reunification of the Ev'reuin Family in Year 18. The role of this office is to ensure the genetic relation of familial claimants as part of the effort to reunify disparate members lost during the First Galactic Civil War. With assistance from the Medicus, the Informatum tests genetic samples from claimants in order to verify their genetic relation to the Ev'reuin Family.

Sanguis Sanguinem Meum

Sanguis Sanguinem Meum is individuals who have performed a great service to the Ev'reuin Family in some capacity, and have been brought into the family as Blood Kin as a form of repayment. They are considered full members of the family in every way but the name itself.

Current Sanguis Sanguinem Meum

Yakubu Fista -Reason to be expanded upon


Artifacts & Relics

Ev'reuin Blade - A saber crafted for the fifth Patriarch of the Ev'reuin Family. It is maintained in the Crypta de Domus Historia within Mist House; ancestral home of the Ev'reuin within Nocturnal. It has been known on occasion to be featured as an exhibit aboard the Legatum Sanguinis Gloriae appearing in the Blood Throne Gallery.

Heritage Fleet

The Heritage Fleet constitutes a large array of vessels from small fighters, to large capital class vessels. Below are listed several of the important naval assets in service to the Heritage Fleet under the Ev'reuin Family.

Legatum Sanguinis Gloriae - Foray-Class Blockade Runner. Ancestral Flagship of the Ev'reuin Family, currently used as a mobile Public Museum for the Ev'reuin Reliquary touring the galaxy. It calls the Lorell System as home for the purpose of public egress.

Nocte Dolorem - Heavily modified Ardent-Class Fast Frigate. Primarily patrols around the Lorell Route Hyperspace Lane near Xenvaer Port. Primary warship of the Heritage Fleet, and is often utilized as a expeditionary and long range exploration ship vessel by Sia Vir`uan.

Sustinentiæ Praesagium - Corona-class Frigate. Utilized as a patrol and escort vessel by the Heritage Fleet. Stationed out of Xenvaer Port.

Sequentia - J-Type 322 Starship. Utilized as a landing craft on diplomatic missions and special occasions by ranking members of the Ev'reuin Family. Has traditionally been utilized by former Patriarch Korin, current Matriarch Sia, and Prædicator Informatum Wes.

Regina Matres Dilacerent - 578-R Transport. Originally used as a garbage scowl by RSS on Relephon for years, the aged transport vessel was heavily modified, upgraded, and given new life by Sia Vir`uan. In Year 18 the vessel was fitted with a state of the art archeology analysis lab. The vessel is at present utilized as the primary in field research vessel for planetary dig operations servicing as a mobile analysis, restoration, and archival lab.

Caesin's Pride - D-5 Mantis Patrol Craft. Utilized by Caesin Ev'reuin during the 7th Alsakan Conflict. The prideful Patriarch was responsible for the capture of the familial flagship Legatum Sanguinis Gloriae and his favored boarding craft was later named in his honor. Still in service to the Ev'reuin it is one of only two surviving familial ships of the Heritage Fleet from before the First Galactic Civil War. It escaped into hyperspace during the fall of Alsakan and later rendezvoused with the family in the sanctuary of the Hapes Cluster.

Heritage Guard

Family Business & Structures

Ev'reuin Reliquary - Established in the earlier generations of the Household with the purpose of maintaining an archive and library of all knowledge in the galaxy. It is considered vitally important to the continuity of civilization to preserve the great cultural works of civilizations from across both known and unknown space.

Relephon Star Shipping - Founded by Atar'a Vir`uan as a Tibanna Gas mining an shipping operation on Relephon. The business has primarily serviced to the transport of Tibanna Gas around the Hapes Cluster for the last fifty eight years. Approximately ten years it ago it began minimal shipping services outside of the Hapes Cluster. To this day RSS services provide and unique and exclusive to residents of the Hapes Consortium, as well as those members of the Ev'reuin Family who live beyond the secluded star cluster. Current CEO: Yennefer Vir`uan

Matriarch of the Ev'reuin Family
Preceded By:
Patriarch Korin Hael Ev'reuin

Up to Year 16

Sia Vir`uan

Year 16 - Current

Succeeded By: