Sia Vir`uan

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Cirilla Andaris Trevelyan Vir`uan
Biographical Information
Race 1/2 Hapan, 1/2 Alsakani
Homeworld Relephon
House Ev'reuin Family
Mother Yennefer Shae Vir`uan
Father Korin Hael Ev'reuin
Marital Status Single
Siblings Draconis Vir`uan (Twin)

Tacticus Vir`uan (Younger Brother)

Born Year -7 Day 86
Languages Galactic Basic, High Alsakani, Hapan
Religion Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.67 meters
Coloring Fair Skinned
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Hapes Consortium

Ev'reuin Reliquary
Nocturnal Palace

Title Matriarch of the Ev'reuin Family
Rank Locargix
Positions RHAF - 1st Fleet

Cirilla Andaris Trevelyan Vir`uan e' Ev'reuin, better known as Sia, born on the 2nd Moon of Relephon to Yennefer Vir`uan and Korin Ev'reuin. Through antiquated Hapan Customs Sia wears the Vir`uan family name in public. She is the eldest child of the Ev'reuin family, a former noble house of the long since defunct Alsakan Monarchy; which migrated to the 2nd Moon of Relephon prior to the rise of the Empire. Raised mostly on Relephon itself, Sia's childhood was spent mostly learning the family trade on both Relephon, and its 2nd Moon. At the age of eighteen she attended the Arcturus Academy to study Xenoarcheology alongside her cousin Lianna Vir`uan. Following the completion of her education she enlisted in the Royal Hapan Navy, and attended the Star Home Academy for training. At present she serves within the Hapan Navy, while also managing the family business on the side as her parents slowly work towards an early retirement.



Upon first meeting Sia its often believed she is kind, giving, and courteous. While these traits maintain themselves for the most part they are primarily a facade. Underneath the surface Sia is manipulative to the extreme; and truly believes that the ends justify the means. Willing to go to any length to reach her goals in life, and remove any obstacle that stands in her way. While loyal and protective of her friends she wouldnt hestitate to remove them or leave them behind if the need should arise. Ultimately her only true loyalities lie with the Hapes Consortium, her family, and herself. Everything and everyone else are mere tools at the end of the day. Sia has inherited the traits of Hapans old, when females were the dominant gender of the Consortium. These traits have been taught to her throughout her life by her matriarch controlled family. Due to her somewhat isolated youth Sia had, until recently, only ever been in contact with fellow Hapans. This has resulted in Sia becoming unusually curious in regards to non-Hapans while also viewing them as lessers; a somewhat unusual combination.


Sia embraces the traditional beauty of Hapans, though stands at a somewhat average height. She may appear quite petite, but her form hides muscles that have developed well through an adolescence spent climbing through the Tibanna Gas Platforms of Relephon, and assisting her mother in the families shipping firm. She has cool relaxing cyan eyes, a rarity in her family gene pools, marking her as the next Matriarch of the family once her mother steps down. Since her enlistment in the Hapan Navy Sia has allowed her hair to return to its natural silvery blond.


Youth on Relephon

Sia was born at the Veiled Retreat on the 2nd Moon of Relephon. Until age five she was raised exlusively on Relephon, where the family maintained its primary residence above the primary port for Relephon Star Systems. Most of her adolescense was fairly lonely, spending most of her time learning and studying. For the longest time her only friend was Purge. Purge was an antique B1 battle droid that had been recovered from a junk world by Sia's mother during a routine scuttling operation on one of the old freighters. He was banged up, missing one of his arms, both of his legs, and he had two holes from blaster fire in his chest. His casing was scored and poke marked from the wear and tear he had seen on battlefields across the stars. He had been repaired and heavily upgraded throughout his time with the Vir`uan family, and quickly became a lonely childs quickest and only companion.

At the age of twelve Sia's father had finally won a long standing battle between the young Hapan's parents, in that Sia would spend several months of Relephon's cycle at the Veiled Retreat Center learning how to appropriately manage the facility while also learning basic medical skills. This would set the stage for a war that would rage for the rest of Sia's youth at home; that is to say, on which path she would embark. To assume control of the family shipping firm after her mother, or to take over the medical retreat for her father. This unrest is ultimately what brought about Sia's ache for the stars, and to escape the petty squabbling of her parents.

As part of the agreement to allow Sia to go to the Veiled Retreat for a portion of the year, Purge had to accompany her as a bodyguard of sorts. This was an arrangement Sia didnt mind at all, as he remained at this time her only real friend. Work In Progress

Joining the Hapan Navy

At the age of 24 Sia left home in order to join the Star Home Academy, and eventually serve aboard a ship of the Hapan Navy. After several extensive months of training, most taking place on Millinar, Sia finally graduated from the Academy and was formally assigned to the 1st Fleet. As an unexpected graduation gift from her family one of the older Sprints owned by her father arrived near Lorell.

Work In Progress to complete missing gap of Year 18

Early Year 19

Sia Year 19 Day 2

On Day 3 Sia found her Research Expeditionary vessel, the Sustinentiæ Praesagium, rendevoused with the YV-666 Eternal Spring under the command of Mercenary Captain Tanis over REDACTED to receive the Purple Hypergiant Core which had been securely purchased and transported from Vargheim Enterprises by Reliquary Operatives working with Tanis. The relic's final destination was slated for the Reliquary Black Archive where secure research could be conducted. Upon transfer from the Spring to the Praesagium the Corona-class vessel came under unexpected assault.


By Day 6 of Year 19 Sia was critically wounded in the surface battle of REDACTED when a stray blaster shot from the unknown attacking forces caused the Purple Hypergiant Core to go critical. In an attempt to prevent the critical implosion Sia attempted to restore the damaged containment shielding, and though ultimately successful her arm was destroyed when a stray blast from the relic breached the containment shielding atomizing a severe portion of her left arm. The wound caused Sia to collapse and drop into a state of unconciousness where she was attended to by an evac medical unit that transferred her to the Veiled Retreat Medical Center in the Relephon System, arriving by Day 10 where she received emergency surgery to save what was left of the arm. Following the surgery Sia underwent severe physical and mental rehabilitation to assist with her recovery process.

Preparing to depart aboard the Sequentia and depart the Nocte Dolorem bound for Tresario, Year 19 Day 80

On Day 80 Sia, having fully recovered from her wounds and come to terms with her physical debilitation boarded her Ardent-class Fast Frigate, the Nocte Dolorem, bound for Tresario to attend the Banquet Celebrations. Upon arrival on the outskirts of Tresario space she continued the rest of the journey aboard her J-Type 322 Starship, the Sequentia.

Relationships, Family, & Companions


  • Korin Ev'reuin
  • Yennefer Vir`uan
  • Drake Vir`uan
  • Tacticus Vir`uan

Grey Widow Crew

The 'Grey Widow' was a YT-1300 in service to Relephon Star Systems Corp. of which Sia's mother owned. During a summer break from the Arcturus Academy Sia served as Captain of the vessel delivering Tibanna Gas to Trade Federation buyers in the Nouane Sector. Sia is particularly close to her former crew mates, so much in fact that following her graduation from the academy they accompanied her across the galaxy, and continue to serve as her primary travel companions. Wherever Sia is, you can be sure that at least one member of the old Spero Aeternam Crew is nearby.

To Be Deleted After Edits

Purge is an antique B1 Battle Droid discovered on Raxus Prime during a relatively normal scuttling mission; by Yennefer Vir`uan, of one of her older freighters. The droid was heavily damaged and in no way functional. What was left of him was taken home by Yennefer and he was slowly fixed up to serve as a type of "bodyguard" for Yennefer's young child, Sia. Ultimately a new leg, and arm were acquired to replace the missing limbs, though they clearly didnt match. The casing was covered in score damage, and general dents and dings from its time on battlefields far and wide. Most of these were repaired by Yennefer, though a few remained showing the droids character to an extent. His memory banks, and internal workings were immensely upgraded. This allowed the droid a greater deal of personality, and effectiveness though unfortunately this resulted in a very detrimental side effect. Most specifically, Purge developed a tendency to experience random memory dumps, and though rare they had a tendency to happen at inopportune times. As a side effect the droid must go through a quick reboot, resulting in a loss of immediate memory from the last several minutes of time for the droid, this has resulted in his characteristic name of Purge which was given to him by a then five year old Sia. He served as Sia's childhood friend, and to this day remains quite close with his sentient, often serving as her copilot. Though is occasional inconvient shutdowns and memory lose has resulted in aggravation for Sia, her unconditional love for the droid is evident in the regular upgrades and maintenance she provides for him.

Awards & Commendations

Service Ribbons

Ribbon Name Award Date Awarded By
HapesCapCommand3.png Capital Command, Rank 3 Commendation Year 18, Day 101
SAR-bronze.png Search and Rescue - Bronze
Year 18, Day 149
Service Veteran - 1 Year
Year 19

Service Medals

Medal Name Award Date Awarded By
V1yrSmall.png Service Veteran - 1 Year
Year 19

Personal Timeline

Year -7 - Year 0

  • Year -7, Day 86: Birth on 2nd Moon of Relephon
  • Year -2, Day 180 Sia receives Purge as guardian droid from her mother Yennifer
  • Year 0 Sia is formally preregistered as a talented youth for admission to Arcturus Academy

Year 1 - 16

  • Year 5, Day 50 Begins attending the Arcturus Academy majoring in Archeology, specifically focusing on Ancient Civilization and Battlefield Archeology
  • Year 8, Day 298 Becomes acquainted with Dio Arnall on first field expedition
  • Year 10, Day 35 Graduates from the Arcturus Academy with Honors, receiving her Doctorate in Archeology
  • Year 10, Day 36 Receives RX-G8, an advanced R3 Unit, as a graduation gift
  • Year 10, Day 222 Assumes the role of Chief Operating Director of the Ev'reuin Reliquary from her uncle Vidimir
  • Year 13, Day 101 Commences first private dig at Gallinore
  • Year 13, Day 189 A breakthrough in the Gallinore Digsite leads to the discovery of Royal Jewels thought lost during the Hapan Civil War

Year 17 - Current

  • Year 17, Day 86 Formally enlists in the Royal Hapan Armed Forces and attends the Star Home Academy
  • Year 18, Day 101 Graduates the Star Home Academy and is assigned to the 1st Fleet of the Royal Hapan Navy
  • Year 18, Day 125 Participates in naval Search and Rescue Operations in the Tynna Sector
  • Year 18, Day 187 Formally establishes the Nobilis Custodianship to begin repairing of the Ev'reuin Family home, the Nocturnal Palace
  • Year 19, Day 6 Wounded in the Battle of REDACTED while securing the Purple Hypergiant Core resulting in the loss of her left arm.
  • Year 19, Day 10 Arrives at the Veiled Retreat Medical Center in the Relephon System to undergo emergency surgery and psychological treatment following the loss of her arm.