Evaar´la Mand´alor

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Posted by: Korlan Mereel - Faction: Mandalore

Date: Year 17 Day 155 Onboard the Golan II Manda`yaim Cabur in system Mandalore (158, 216).

Mandagnsy17d155 1.png

In the orbit of Manda´yaim, Mandalore (Te Verd Ca´narase) quot; Although the space traffic around Manda´yaim (as Mandalorians call their homeworld and their political capital) is typically quite heavy, it has become even busier over the last few days. The Mandalore High Command has been summoned to the principle Golan II defense platform to hear some unexpected news. Mand´alor Andrew Panzer has asked for the attendance of his chief officers to formally declare the transfer of power to Acting Second-in-Command Korlan Mereel. Panzer´s prolonged absence from the affairs of state has made this step necessary.

Little is known about Mereel: born on Corellia decades ago, his life was governed by the desire to wander. A variety of odd jobs enabled him to leave Corellia and travel to the other planets in the system, and after all drew him away from Corellia Sector to start discovering the rest of the galaxy.

As luck would have it he eventually arrived in Okyaab System, the only public domain of the Mandalorian territories. Deeply impressed by the Mando way of life, code of conduct and the skill of Mandalorian warriors in battle, Mereel decided to abandon vagabonding and become a part of this society. After graduating from the Academy, he served in several military units and worked his way up the chain of command over the last seven years.

Mandagnsy17d155 2.png

Hoping that the Clans will stand behind him the same way that they supported Andrew Panzer, the new Mand´alor has accepted his new responsibilities.

Aliit ori´shya tal´din!