Evan Conforth incident

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During the Battle of Sacorria and while assisting a group of wookiee builders Wing Commander Cornforth passed out for more than 40 minutes outside his ship, risking his life. A transcript of the radio communication during the Evan Conforth incident was published a few years later.

[11:50] <Rekka> hey, it appears that Evan is just standing here on the ground...
[11:50] <Andre> wow
[11:50] <Andre> he is?
[11:50] <Rekka> yep
[11:50] <Biffis> wow
[11:50] <Biffis> Evan is ballsy
[11:50] <Andre> do you have cuffs?
[11:50] <Andre> I'll issue an arrest for him
[11:50] <Rekka> kk
[11:51] <Rekka> oh, no i don't
[11:51] <Andre> do you have cuffs?
[11:51] <Andre> damn
[11:51] <Andre> sh*t sh*t sh*t
[11:51] <Rekka> any in the YT or Bulk?
[11:55] <Walter> crap!
[11:55] <Andre> apparently only cuffs around are with Evan
[11:55] <Walter> Evan! Don't leave us!
[11:55] <Andre> plus one with me
[11:55] <Andre> only if Evan set tho do it
[11:55] <Ruben_Wan> oh!
[11:56] <Rekka> i just tried it, it didn't work
[11:56] <Walter> Taka has cuffs
[11:56] <Andre> where is Taka?
[11:56] <Taka_Aioko> I have
[11:56] <Walter> save Evan!
[11:56] <Andre> I'm ascending to orbit anywys
[11:57] <Taka_Aioko> I'm at 9.8 I'm afraid
[11:57] <Andre> I'm the closest than
[11:57] <Rekka> was he in the ATS Rodia? Cuz it is here too
[12:02] <Rekka> i'll check the Rodia, then the Brooklyn and the Semmental for cuffs
[12:02] <Rekka> builders are gonna hafta wait
[12:03] <Walter> Saving Private Evan
[12:03] <Andre> Done Rekka
[12:03] <Rekka> thanks
[12:03] <Andre> Rekka, unload some builders on Evan's spot
[12:03] <Rekka> there are already a bunch
[12:04] <Andre> ok than
[12:12] <Andre> Rekka, beat the crap out of Evan
[12:12] <Andre> lol
[12:12] <Rekka> lol
[12:12] <Rekka> i has a Stunmaster!
[12:12] <Walter> what do they teach these guys at SFC??!! And he's the instructor!
[12:12] <Andre> see that Ruben?
[12:12] <Rekka> i bet it was related to the COmbine going down
[12:13] <Walter> sssst
[12:13] <Ruben_Wan> I am trying to find alternate solutions.
[12:13] <Ruben_Wan> Even hitting someone unconscious can be a solution
[12:27] <Walter> I think Evan is doomed
[12:27] <Walter> I should start making a coffin
[12:27] <Rekka> don't say that!
[12:28] <Walter> Lani! Do you have stun cuffs?
[12:28] <Rekka> Lani, do you have cuffs, and where are you?
[12:28] <Taka_Aioko> she's far
[12:28] <Rekka> crud
[12:28] <Walter> noo Evan! nooo!
[12:30] <Evan_Cornforth> phail
[12:30] <Evan_Cornforth> my bad
[12:31] <Ruben_Wan> Evan enter the ship IMMEDIATELY
[12:31] <Evan_Cornforth> i'm alive
[12:31] <Lani> yay!
[12:31] <Rekka> WOOT!
[12:31] <Franco> I could hug you, Evan
[12:31] <Rekka> i was FREAKING OUT MAN!
[12:31] <Biffis> cheers
[12:31] <Franco> we were woooried
[12:31] <Walter> woooo!
[12:31] <Taka_Aioko> I'm still going to arrest Evan
[12:31] <Ruben_Wan> Mamma mia, I'm really sweating today.
[12:32] <Andre> I will smack Evan Cornforth with anger!
[12:32] <Franco> I'm shedding a tear
[12:33] <Evan_Cornforth> I don't understand
[12:33] <Taka_Aioko> you already got us worried last night when you picked up those builders while the enemy ship was in the same spot as you, lol
[12:34] <Andre> Evan, I'm heading your way to arrest you
[13:39] <Evan_Cornforth> Taka
[13:39] <Evan_Cornforth> whats this i'm told Wedge didn't approve me being here?
[13:39] <Evan_Cornforth> :P
[13:41] <Evan_Cornforth> [16:42] <.Wedgie> ok
[13:41] <Evan_Cornforth> [16:42] <.Wedgie> leave
[13:41] <Evan_Cornforth> [16:42] <.Wedgie> now
[13:41] <Evan_Cornforth> :(
[13:41] <Rekka> you can join CTS :)
[13:42] <Rekka> That's where i'm going after this is over
[13:42] <Evan_Cornforth> talk to Wedge Taka
[13:42] <Taka_Aioko> kk
[13:44] <Franco> CTS is cool place
[13:44] <Andre> imagine if Evan got arrested.... Wedge would violate our behinds...
[13:45] <Rekka> not mine... i tried saving him
[13:45] <Rekka> i never ran through 3 ships and a SC so fast in all my life
[13:45] <Evan_Cornforth> thanks Rekka
[13:46] <Rekka> Dude, you'd do the same for me :)
[13:46] <Rekka> i'm pretty sure ;)
[13:46] <Evan_Cornforth> yeah
[13:46] <Evan_Cornforth> although
[13:46] <Evan_Cornforth> I had never heard of you till this Op
[13:46] <Evan_Cornforth> and now i'll never forget :P
[13:47] <Rekka> haha, nor have i heard of you!
[13:47] <Rekka> but it don't matter... we are bros now
[13:48] <Rekka> I started out as just a "hired hand" :P
[13:48] <Rekka> But Taka is an old friend, and i couldn't say no
[13:48] <Biffis> Rekka, you do realize that this entire op is not about CorSec, but about sucking you back into the NR
[13:48] <Biffis> Taka is devious
[13:49] <Rekka> maybe, but the bait was one i couldn't refuse... even tho i had no idea it was in Corellia
[13:49] <Rekka> and at first i thought it was an Op to arrest me
[13:49] <Rekka> >.>
[13:49] <Biffis> lol
[13:50] <Biffis> when I saw you driving the Prospero, I thought Taka was going to sun us all