Every rose has a thorn..

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Posted by Renyl Kilgarth on Year 5 Day 177

From the Command Centre Hunter HQ in city Utopia on planet Bothawui.

The corporate logo of Dark Vengeance. a skull on a blue eclipse fills the screen, fading to the a female figure, silhouetted by a large office window looking out onto the city skyline. The late afternoon sun bathing the room in it's soft orange glow

"It comes as no surprise to me, that those not asked to join us, those who were never a part of our original family are those who are most upset by our return!" she raises her hand, brushing the blood red rose, tucked behind her right ear" Mr Dracolis, Lord Havoc has accepted your gift of the Crimson Rose as it was intended. He was indeed quite amused. You see he had no idea who you were." She chuckles "Such a prominent member of the Crimson Fleet that he'd never heard of you."

"Now Mr Dracolis, onto a personal matter. Thank you for the rose, I'm so glad you remembered. Yes I do remember the 'rise' to your 'prominent' position. A little swift I thought at the time...some might even say 'premature.'" A soft chuckle issues from her throat. "Pining over the one true love of your life that you seem to have forgotten...it is a shame though, that as usual you were the best man, never the groom. Always second best to Jola, Corran and the force knows who else." she pauses, allowing her mirth to subside. "And then of course was your departure from the Crimson family, a full week after you joined. You tried to take on the man and he taught you a great lesson and infront of us all we learned your true nature. You are no more than a child, youngling"

"Only a truly foolish being would seek to provoke the dragon. Is it not true that since the onset of Dark Vengeance, your leaders Kulthar and Lilith Drax have tucked their tails between their legs and scampered off in fear of what is to come? And that in the grand scheme of the Malebranche leadership has begun to become unraveled at the seams. The pirate group Eidola has already broken away. Which reminds me who is the leader these days?Or Eidola's?" she continues after a short pause,

"Oh well, I'm sure I'll find out in the morning when the leaders for the day are announced. Yet you still appear on the news boasting like a child who has an over stated opinion of their self importance. " Once more the figure shakes her head clearly amused,

"Now to other matters, Mr Terrik and Quehir, bleating that the Crimson Fleet is not dead. Tell me, do you really think that? The Crimson is a dead beast! All you have is the name. You think that the name somehow empowers you? Think again. All that made the fleet what it was, it's heart and soul, is long gone. Neither of which remain and yet you think begging would bring your members back? Calling upon their loyality? Such loyality is beyond you. As it always has been. Since Viggo's murder, your friend Q, Corran's brother in law, went unavenged, the Crimson Fleet's spirit died."

"Ironic isn't it. You talk about lack of loyalty and betrayal, conveniently forgeting that The Crimson Fleet was itself founded on a betrayal. It's history is one of betrayal after betrayal. Your broadcast has strengthened us greatly for even now members are flocking towards us. It seems you are indeed quite wanted men. "

"Now we have no intention of getting in a GNS war with such known scum of the universe. With the bounty's on each of your head it would be wise for you, unless you really do have nothing more imoprtant to do, to stick to your own concerns instead of playing these chiildish games." She smirked "Or I might just have to spank you"

"Now, with the formation of the Bounty Hunters Guild, the galaxy is getting smaller and smaller each day....but you have my assurance that no agent of this company will, under any circumstances, mess with anything you hold dear. If you know me as well as you all claim....I'm sure there will be no further....misunderstanding." It seems she offers a slight wink as the screen fades to black.

The GNS returns to it's normal schedule.