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Posted by Zorran Black on Year 5 Day 230

Onboard the YT-510 MCS Myorzo at galactic position (254, 265).

We break from our regular broadcast to bring you this special news bullentin...

Zorran Black is seen to be sitting behind a desk with a somewhat forlorn look upon his face, he looks up to the camera and reads from a prepared statement.

It is with somewhat regret that I have found myself in the unenviable position of having to order an execution, this is the first time and hopefully last time that this will ever have to be done. Corporate Sector Intelligence sources informed that the deceased Riley Daniels was and i quote "planning on, getting in deep with a business then ripping them off for everything they have". Upon recieving this information and Riley's application to join the Myorzo Corporation, I interviewed Riley myself, answers to my questions appeared to be vauge and confirming of the suspicions aroused from the information provided to me from CSI.

With the past happenings and the misfortunes the Corporate Sector Authority have experienced I felt it was my duty to not only, not allow a situation like this to develop again but to also make an example out of Riley Daniels to anyone that is thinking that the Myorzo Corporation group of companies are an easy target for thieves and spies.

Zorran Black puts down his statement, stands up and walks in front of his desk.

Make no mistake what has happened in the past will remain in the past and not be repeated in the future, if the galactic scum of thieves, pirates and spies want to take us on, then I will seal your fate.

We return you now to your regular broadcast.