Expansion of New Anzat Order

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Posted by Gabriella Storm on Year 5 Day 335

Onboard the YV-666 CCM Buckineer in system Polith.

Before I make my announcments, I'd like to comment on Brooks wonderful holo presentation. Isn't it just amazing what one guy can do with some cardboard cutouts and a camera? I have to say his is even better than Mitch Gallors dramatic holo.

We give it two thumbs up.

But as you can see behind me, the Anzati are still celebrating the departure of the old regime. If you look closely you can see signs welcoming the return of the High Preistess, and of course they're new leader...me

But down to business...I would like to announce the first of many Faction movements into NAO space, moving their headquarters here. We have 4 to start as moving has already begun. I am in talks with as many more, and a longer list waiting for my attention. As you can see people are eager to create a center of commerce within NAO space, and we are happy to welcome them.

I will also be laying claim to all the mines laid by Offworld mining. NAO does not allow criminal organizations into their space.

We would also like to welcome Rafa into the New Anzat Order.