Extended Range News: Special Report

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Posted by Rick Olie on Year 5 Day 296

Onboard the YG-4210 ROS G00gle in system Corellia.

Endeavor Corporations Logo comes onto the screen

The Narrator starts to talk as the hologram shows the galactic market, “Tonight on Extended Range News, we go in depth of the Galactic Market. Tonight we will interview a trader that uses the market a lot. See how the market works with in our galaxy. Now your host, Ben Cronkyte.”

Ben Cronkyte starts to speak to the camera, “You may have heard of it and you may have used it to buy your ship. This new market isn’t just a used shipyard lot. You can do so much with this market that it boggles the mind of some Jawa’s.” The camera fades to the Galactic Market Headquarters at a hidden system. Ben is inside the building looking at the holonet servers for the market. “These servers hold about 700 people profiles that have registered to use this service. So far 744 trades have been completed to date using this market. So how does one use this service and make a profit? Well the Galactic Market is sending out free user guides to anyone that would like to know on how to use this service. At the end of this program we will give you a link to order your user guide. Let us see what is being traded as of now.”

The camera fades to a screen of random items that are being sold. Ben points to a Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser for sale. “Kuat Drive Yards is now selling this as a buy it now. A person can just put in that they want to buy it and it gets taken off the market as soon as the person pays KDY. Another item up for sale is a 20 Stock Pack. We have also found that you can buy some houses on some prime real estate. If you can sell it you can find it here.” Ben faces a different camera that is darker, “But what about hidden fees that some other markets try to sneak in. We have looked through all the writing and have found no hidden fees. The sales department let us review some older sells that we went back and looked to make sure there were no hidden fees.” Ben goes back to the lighter camera, “Lets interview two galactic citizens that use the market. I would like to welcome Horley Cyan and Nate Sky.”

BC: “How many times a day to you look at the GM?”

HC: “Quite regularly actually... at least four or five during the course of a day”

NS: “Very often”

BC: “When you use the galactic market do you see any items you would like to buy?”

HC: “There is always something on the Galactic Market I would love to pick up.. the biggest problem usually is the credits department,” Horley Smiles.

NS: “Yes, ships”

BC: “How fair are the prices at the market?”

HC: “Well when it comes to auctions, I think the prices are quite reasonable. But when it comes to the 'buy it now listings' some of them are just laughable.”

NS: “Pretty fair until people bids to high. Like I saw one person bid over 2.4m for a simple Firespray.”

BC: “How would you rate the interface system?”

HC: “The interface in my opinion is great. Like everything else though it could use a little tweaking.. but the creators have done an amazing job with it.”

NS: “I like it”

BC: “Do most of your trades go smoothly?”

HC: “Yes, I haven't done many trades on the Galactic Market, but they all have run smoothly so far, knock on wood.”

NS: “Yes”

BC: “Would you recommend the galactic market to others?”

HC: “Most definitely.. It is a great place to sell stuff, if you don't mind waiting a few days to do it.”

NS: “Yes definitely”

BC: “For our last question, who would you recommend to stay away from?”

HC: “The most obvious choice is Teniel of course. But I would recommend that everyone treat all traders as cautiously as if they were on the street selling their wares. No offence to anyone, but in this galaxy anyone can turn at a moments notice and we all need to be careful on who we trust

NS: “Well the people who i know to stay away from were banned except Teniel Djo. I think you should stay away from Teniel incase Teniel decides not to like you. Otherwise teniel is ok.”

BC: “Well it was nice talking with you two, thanks for the interview.”

HC: “Your quite welcome.. Glad to be of help.”

NS: “Your welcome.”

Ben looks back at the camera, “Well you heard from people who have used the service and liked it. This market seems to have taken off. From our review we would recommend it to anyone. Well this has been a special report from Extended Range News.”

The Narrator, “Extended Range News, more people get their news from Endeavor than any other news agency in the galaxy.” The Endeavor Corporation Logo pops up and shows itself and then fades to black. A link comes up: User Guide