FYI: SG to go NFG, ASAP??

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Posted by Sol Mazer on Year 15 Day 4
From the Conference Centre Smugglers Guild Headquarters in Corellian Sector, Lower Levels on Nar Shaddaa (325, -20).

[Scene opens to a newscaster sitting at a desk.] This just in.... Solomon Mazer, Leader of the Smugglers Guild, has announced that his faction will dissolve. An unprecedented event as the Smugglers Guild is the oldest known smuggling faction in the Galaxy. We go now to the press conference called by Mazer at Guild Headquarters....

[Scene cuts to Mazer standing at a podium. Flashes from holo-corders light him up as he talks.]


"Greetings all... thank you for your quick attendance to this meeting. To get to the point, the Smugglers Guild will dissolve as a registered faction in the days to come. Those Guild members in good standing will receive a 'retirement bonus,' all other members, past or inactive, may receive a payout per their dedication to the Guild. All faction entities will become the property of me, Solomon Mazer, to be saved for future use as I see fit. Nar Shaddaa will continue to govern herself, but without the Smugglers Guild as the property holder. In support of defensive efforts with Eidola in the Y'toub System, the Guild will continue to operate our fleet of capitals in Nar Shaddaa orbit.

The time is yours...." [Questions are shouted at Mazer, he points to one of the reporters...]

"Why dissolve now?" asks a Corellian reporter. "This decision is mostly related to the Galactic Cold War which has lasted 15 years and counting. Times of 'somewhat-war' aren't the best conditions for a smuggler. Our primary job is to supply your enemy with the equipment they need to kill you- without you knowing about it! The need for that kind of clandestine activity just doesn't exist in today's Galaxy. Remember subterfuge and sabotage? ... Yeah, well, neither do I. "The new Trade Laws play part here as well. When you can go to the corner bank for an interest free loan to build an asteroid hideout- and get a ryllpop for the kiddies to suck on while you square the paperwork- it tends to hurt the smuggler's relevance. Seriously, I walked past a bank last week and they had some fool outside shouting 'YOU get an ASTEROID HIDEOUT!... YOU get an ASTEROID HIDEOUT!!!' to everybody that walked past. Please.... [Mazer adds with a grimace]."

[Another barrage of questions... Mazer points to a Kuati.] "Do you plan to return with some other faction designation? If so, when?" she asks. "Perhaps.... I'm leaving the decision to reform in the future open for now. Maybe with some advancement in the GE/Rebellion War... we'll see. In any case, our NFG status will begin as soon as we resign our charter. We'll be around, just 'unofficially.' "

[A random reporter, shouts a question.] "What will you do after the Guild closes its doors?" she asks. "I don't know.... I haven't had a chance to think about it. Maybe attend an auction or two and buy drinks for those attending. [Some chuckling is heard throughout the press room] Thank you, no further questions."

[Back to the newscaster.] If you are just joining us, the Smugglers Guild is to disband and reform as a non-faction organization. If you have ties to the Underworld, I'm sure you'll be able to get in touch with them... if not, you may be hard pressed to find a Smug after the Guild closes. Regardless, I would wager this isn't the last time we hear from Mr. Mazer...