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Posted by Tigris Ninx on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the YT-2400 Acheron in system Falleen

DESTINATION: Galactic News Service SOURCE: Falleen News Service, Ministry of the Exterior

ATTENTION: Groups seeking headquarter-capable facilities

The Falleen Federation would like to once again extend an invitation to all galactic groups and organizations in search of facilities to house their operations.

The Federation is making available a number of headquarter-capable buildings especially for those organizations still without a secure home. Pleased with the successful response from the initial offering, Federation officials would like to see the positive growth continue.

The official notice from the Ministry of the Exterior indicates that facilities range in size and style and are not just limited to the HQ-type. Undeveloped parcels of land and space around the Falleen home world are also available to businesses looking to start from scratch or expand in the future. Government officials are prepared to negotiate at all levels to meet the needs of your organization no matter what the size.

For those groups still in need of a HQ facility the Federation strongly urges a closer look.

Contact is available through official channels at:

Falleen Federation Command Centre

or with the Office of the Royal Ambassador:

Tigris Ninx enderif@twcny.rr.com