Failed Hack Notification

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Holovids quickly flicker to life as the symbol of the Galactic Empire once more fills the screen. The camera pans downward to Frank Bach's office where he sits tapping a datapad before turning his gaze to the camera.

"Imperials and Galactic Citizens. It seems on the tail end of the Empire's statement on the execution of a common pirate that our message has not yet resounded clear.

Infamous pirateuse Syn recently attempted to hack the Imperial news system to further her self-propaganda. Syn is renowned for her desire to bed any pirate that makes room and as such has earned herself the 'intergalactic whore' ribbon.

The Empire and the galaxy will no doubt soon hear from Ms Syn in relation to Thraken Solo's demise. We can expect to hear of 'godly interventions' and other absurdly concocted stories which help to feed her ideas of self-importance. Do not listen, my friends, they are but dellusions. Your Emperor speaks the truth and we have heard it.

Imperial security forces have been dispatched to Syn's home and will deal with her in good time."

Bach smiles slyly as the camera zooms out and fades to the Imperial crest.

Posted by: Frank Bach
Faction: Galactic Empire Date: Year 6 Day 155
Onboard the CR-90 Assassin-class Corvette Supreme Pontiff at galactic position (12, 50) on Year 6 Day 155 15:42.