Falleen Charter of Confederation

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Hacked by Bisz Aldaris on Year 5 Day 355

Location Unknown

We here at the Falleen News Network are continuing to cover the ongoing celebrations that started five days ago when his Excellency, King Bisz Aldaris enacted the new Falleen Charter of Confederation. Ratified by the three ministers, Prime Minister Lord Max Fors O.L., Minister of the Exterior Sir Tigris Ninx K.R. and Minister of the Interior Dash Raltar, the document outlines the scope of the bond that binds the clans of Falleen together. The preamble to the document reads as follows:


The only good to come from the corruption and oppression wrought by the force that was once upon us all is the unity of brotherhood that now binds us together stronger than ever before. We join together as brothers and sisters, accepting equally those Falleen lost among the stars and those others desirous of freedom and peace, in a firm league of friendship with each other for common defense, the security of our liberties, and our mutual and general welfare. The Falleen People of the Noble Clans do now gather in this time of independence and agree to these various articles of confederation and a perpetual union.

The full text of the document can be found on the Falleen Federation holosite.