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The Falleen Federation Navy constitutes the entire armed forces of the government and is comprised of naval, starfighter, and marine units. The Navy is a department in the Ministry of Defense and falls under the authority of the Minister of Defense. The primary unit of the Navy is the fleet, which consists of capital ships, supported by fighter squadrons, with marine security detachments. Currently the Navy is organized into two major fleets: the Rukhar Assaul Fleet (RAF) and the Mindano Assault Fleet (MAF). Additionally, independent fighter squadrons and marine detachments are deployed throughout Federation territory as needed.

The Navy also operates an extensive support unit that coordinates all logistical affairs. Similar to the retrieval and transport sections found in other ministries, naval logistics hauls the bulk of soldiers and material to various galactic destinations. Whether it is a new warship fresh from a shipyard or a load of resource material destined for a distant battlefield, the men and women of the Navy will get it to where it is going without fail.

The officers and enlisted personnel all take great pride in their work and strive to make the Navy the very best military service available. It is a critical component of the Federation's operations and the government does everything is can to support the brave souls that crew the first line of defense.


The Falleen Throneship and other vessels typical of those seen on maneuvers:

Abc.JPEG "FMS Sovereign of the Stars"

This is one of the few Victory Star Destroyers found outside of Imperial service and is currently designated as His Majesty's Throneship. The Federation acquired her from a private vendor and she entered service after extensive work on the tower superstructure and a subsequent refitting of the weapons emplacements. The ship was named in commemoration of King Aldaris' long and prosperous rule and the growing strength of the Federation space fleet signaled by her arrival

Def.JPEG "FMS Chr'Kalina"

The Federation has a sizable number of Guardian-class Medium Cruisers such as this one. Used primarily as a picket ship in naval formations, the Guardian is best suited for smaller capital ship engagements and system patrol. It is a well-rounded ship and can easily stand on its own against the typical mercenary or pirate vessel.

1.JPEG "FMS Donjon"

The Dreadnaught is an option the Navy is known to draw upon as a close-range anti-starfighter platform to protect larger, more potentially vulnerable capital or stationary targets. Technology has greatly reduced the excessive manpower requirements of this older class of warship and so Cruisers like the Donjon can still be found in Federation service.

2.JPEG "Dark Fire" Y-Wing Squadron

The Y-Wing transcends the boundary between simple starfighter and dedicated bomber. The Navy utilizes this versatile machine in all applications and throughout the service. You would be hard pressed to miss a squadron patrolling the shipping lanes in major Federation systems.

3.JPEG "Falcon" H-KDI T-Wing Squadron

The T-Wing is one of the fastest interceptor-fighters in the galaxy and is manufactured only by the Falleen Federation. What it may lack in shielding and firepower it more than makes up in speed. Its ability to quickly intercept and engage enemy squadrons kilometers away from hard targets often ends a battle before it even begins. We are proud to deploy the "T" throughout the naval service.