Falleen Federation ignored warning about Eidola operations...

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It is with a heavy duo-ventricular chamber that this Troig is forced to report on today's bloodshed. Despite the Galactic News Service's attempts at warning the residents of Duflivian that their sector was within the area we knew Eidola were planning an operation, the Falleen Federation continued its operations at Bright Jewel, right in the centre of the sector.

It seems that Eidola caught wind of a group of Federation members gathered aboard a space station in the system, and infiltrated the group. A secret agent aboard had transmitted sensitive data to contacts close to the notorious pirate group, and the merry band of thieves, murderers and kidnappers began plotting their attack.

The Dreadnaught Cruiser Donjon engaged the system fleet in a pitched battle, using her broadside of heavy lasers to hold Falleen Y-Wings at bay while the upgraded Eidolon YV-666 Grainne ni Mhaille pressed the attack against the resource depot spacestations.

The pair of Eidolon ships suddenly seemed to split off from the battle, just as a Federation guardian cruiser began to enter the fray. A quick rollcall of names aboard the spacestations revealed only three persons were missing, Quiggle and his two ewok bodyguards.

A Duros who spent nearly his entire life in service to the Federation, Quiggle has been confirmed dead by sources close to the Eidola pirates. His body is being taken to Sevarcos where it will be prepared in a citrifruit marinade and thoroughly enjoyed alongside a platter of braised ewok skins.

We at the Galactic News Service extend our condolences to Quiggle's comrades and friends in the Falleen Federation who deserted him in his hour of need, leaving him to face the Eidola Pirates alone. A reporter embedded with Falleen military troops reports that the Federation has already begun telling its members that Quiggle was not worth saving, got what he deserved or wasn't truly Falleen anyways, so did not matter.

Hacked by: Teniel Djo Faction: Eidola Pirates Date: Year 7 Day 300 Onboard the YV-666 Gráinne Ní Mháille in system Bright Jewel (200, -134).