Falleen Naval Forces Placed on Standby

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Posted by Jennos Ackbar on Year 5 Day 239

Onboard the Guardian-class Medium Cruiser FMS Invincible at galactic position (172, -165).

Today, Commodore Jennos Ackbar of the Falleen Navy placed all Falleen Naval Ships on immediate standby after Falleen provinces were threatened by the Empire.

He released this statement:

"We will pull our people out of the Empire's grasp. I am willing to run any blockade that is set up by the Imperials, especially if the lives of Falleen or citizens of the Federation are under threat.

"If the Empire wishes to try and force us to back down with words, let them know that all the Navy will protect our citizens with our lives if nescessary."

Commodore Ackbar is currently taking a tour of the Falleen Military as a routine check of all personnel. He is un-available for contact at the current time.

Falleen Federation

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