Fatality in Multi-Ship Collision

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Posted by Max Caar on Year 5 Day 284

Onboard the YV-666 Orc Mischief in system Berea.

A former human pilot, Joruus Drax, was declared dead at the scene of a space collision late Saturday night above Berea. Berean authorities said that Drax, 34, was riding as a passenger in the YV-666 "Orc Mischief" when the collision occured. Max Caar, 12, was piloting the ship at the time.

According to officer Teniel Djo, Caar was piloting drunk as the ship collided head-on into the Carrack/I class cruiser "Avenger 2" that was in orbit above Berea. Drax was thrown through the windshield and onto the exterior of the oncoming ship where he remained until what was left of him was scraped off by Berean law enforcement agents. Caar sustained minimal injuries to his left index finger.

Photograph from the scene of the crime.

Caar was tried in the Berean High court for 1st Degree manslaughter and was found guilty. He was sentenced to receive a certain "Eidolon Housekeeping Award" and is to perform 12 hours of continuous inebriation service. It is unlikely that there will be an appeal.