Fear engulfs the Galaxy

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Posted by Reajiad Nero on Year 5 Day 177

Onboard the YT-1300 AL Rebel Heart in system Tatoo.

Since the creation of Dark Vengeance and their first public announcement, chaos has spread swiftly throughout the Galaxy. There is no corner that is not thoroughly scared of Dark Vengeance. Everyone's eyes are glued entirely to their actions. It has become so serious that Rebel Alliance officials have strongly considered fleeing. Drug use to escape the reality and serious nature of the situation has skyrocketed.

What makes Dark Vengeance so fearsome? So horrible? Well, you'd have to ask all of the people who were involved in events that happened after Dark Vengeance's inception. All of these things are connected to Dark Vengeance. Never again will anything happen unrelated to Dark Vengeance. Everything is a direct or indirect reaction to Dark Vengeance.

There are some that don't buy this, but they're not important. Renyl Kilgarth is important. Xanathar Branwen is important. These are the people everyone has known and feared forever. And, well... Dark Vengeance is important.

It seems as if there is absolutely no other option for the Galaxy than to surrender immediately to the powers that be (those powers being Dark Vengeance), especially if you have an Imperial bounty on your head. If you have an Imperial Bounty on your head then you aren't as bad as Dark Vengeance. As their motto goes, "Do You Fear the Dark? You're not alone." Indeed, no one is alone in fearing the dark. Everyone fears the dark. Understand, that if everyone fears the dark, then everyone needs to fear Dark Vengeance. Immediately.

Promptly after writing this article, the journalist jumped from the top of the sky rise, which housed his business. He left a letter advising everyone to get it over with and do the same.