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Leader Jaydon TaVolarian
Second in Command Quwikxie Stadd
Foundation Date Year 8, Day 80
Type Ky'bris kir'manir and trained
Motto Honor, Duty, Training
Affiliation Aliit Ky'bris, Aliit Vhetin, Aliit Ar'Klim, Aliit Cin'Rekr


The Fede'eykan were created alongside the Crime Suppression Division of Ailon Nova Guard. The original members of the squad were recruited from eth ranks of the local policing forces so their background was primarily law enforcement, investigation, forensics, undercover work, search and rescue, and information gathering. They operated as Jaydon TaVolarian's primary investigative and arresting squad. They assisted her in establishing the new division's policies and procedures. They also helped establish a network of stations that were supposed to become safe havens for law-abiding citizens that operated without a home-base. The Squad evolved to take on duties as guardians for Jaydon and her family. But it was not until they joined Aliit Ky'bris that they really gained any true experience as an operational squad.


Through intensive training and immersion first on Endor and then later on Timora the Squad forged themselves into a rather proficient Mandalorian fighting force. They placed great importance on the virtues of intelligence, the rule of law, teamwork, adaptability, and of course the Resol'nare or Six Actions. The Resol'nare, or Six Actions when translated from Mando'a into Galactic Basic Standard, were the central tenets of Mandalorian life. They consisted of wearing armor, speaking the language, defending oneself and family, raising your children as Mandalorians, contributing to the clan's welfare, and when called upon by the Mand'alor, rallying to their cause.

Force Leader

Name: Jaydon TaVolarian
Race: Corellian
Sex: Female

Persons of note

Jaered Martano
Race: Corellian
Sex: Male
Born: Year 8, Day 9
Mother Jaydon TaVolarian
Father Wilhelm von Ismay
Second Mother Laari Red

Teeana Getz
Race: Corellian
Sex: Female
Born: Year 8, Day 9
Mother Jaydon TaVolarian
Father Wilhelm von Ismay
Second Mother Laari Red

Mr. Manners
RA 7 Droid acquired from Nebular Enterprises for instruction in proper protocol and etiquette.

R8 FA-4
Pilot Droid acquired while working for the Invisible Army

Fed'eykan Squad:

Current Fed’eykan Squad:
Quwikzie Stad Melee Combat Trooper Nikto
Ehart Vest Melee Combat Trooper Clawdite
Owen Tess Melee Combat Trooper Dresselian
Sandell Fallon Melee Combat Trooper Yam`rii
Jurodend Durun Melee Combat Trooper Hapan
Lyra Chume Melee Combat Trooper Defel
Wolam Kahn Melee Combat Trooper Dresselian
Haera Terrek Melee Combat Trooper Sluissi
Wolf Coral Melee Combat Trooper Ewok
Yakown Kando Melee Combat Trooper Squib
Alessandra Bisegger Scout Sullustan
1 Medic: Adi Upari Noghri

Original Squad:

Quwikxie Stadd Nikto Female Squad Leader
Alessandra Bissegger Sullustan (Scout) Male
Gartogga Raan Yuzzum (Medic) female
Adi Upari Noghri (Medic) female
Ehart Vest Clawdite Male Rifleman
Owen Tess Dresselian Male Rifleman
Sandel Fallo Yam'rii Male Rifleman
Juroden Durrun Hapan Male Heavy Weapons
Lyra Chume Defel Female Heavy Weapons
Wolam Kahn Dresselian Male Heavy Weapons
Haera Terrek Sluissi Female Rifleman
Wolf Coral Ewok Male Rifleman
Yakown Kando Squib Male Rifleman


Merlin aka Pinky: Previously owned by Xanathar Branwen, and Banquo Knox
Mule: Previously owned Draith Shadux


IC History of campaigns and events involving Fed'eykan

  • Year 18 Day 144 Vox Populi - attempts to aid revolutionaries on Askaj III
  • Year 16 Day 01 Officially assigned as Full-Time Defense Squad to Teeana and Jaered
  • Year 15 Day 177 Began 1st Avancian Crusade at Timora
  • Year 14 Day 88 Death of Laari Redd and Klyn Racto during a hunting trip on Timora
  • Year 12 Day 177 Avance No Room for Negotiations
  • Year 12 Day 64 Avance: We're going to need a bigger posse
  • Year 12 Day 3 Avance: ..In A Galaxy Near You
  • Year 11 Day 126 Call to Arms
  • Year 11 Day 113 Thrill Search and Destroy
  • Year 10 Day 192 Hunting Expedition WS Hotel Daramous
  • Year 10 Day 160 Braldadriel Hunt for Simpson
  • Year 10 Day 151 Wayward mission
  • Year 10 Day 105 Joins Clan Ky'bris
  • Year 9 Day 279 Joined Jospro-Azurbani Management Corporation as head of The Canaries Fed'eykan become Canaries auxiliaries
  • Year 9 Day 260 A call for help: WS "Water, water, everywhere"
  • Year 9 Day 214 Dakot Outbreak The Enemy Within
  • Year 8 Day 305 Vacation Cruise: WS "Local Legends"
  • Year 8, Day 233 Delrakkin Infection
  • Year 8, Day 80 Department head ANG CSD Birth of Fed'eykan Unit and Ideals


Medals earned from Aliit Ky'bris:

Ky'brisInitiation.png Awarded for successfully completing Clan initiation. Ky'brisCrusader.png Given for espousing mandalorian culture or contributing to it. Ky'brisCommand.png Given to the council and command