Fenris Soontir

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Fenris Soontir
Fenris Soontir Holocron Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Allynn Soontir
Father Garant Soontir
Marital Status Single
Siblings Jason Soontir
Born Y: -8 D: 170
Languages Galactic Basic (Mothers-tongue)

Binary (Proficient)

Bocce (Good working knowledge)

Olys Corellisi (Basic knowledge)

Mando'a (Basic knowledge)

Religion Agnostic
Quote "Strike First"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 188cm (6'2")
Weight 108Kg (240lbs.)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Pale Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Title Navy Executive Officer (Former)

1st Imperial Fleet Commanding Officer (Former)

Rank Fleet Admiral (Former)
Awards Fenris Soontir GE Awards.png
Signature Fenris Soontir Signature.png

Fenris Soontir is a Corellian male formerly serving in the military forces of the Galactic Empire. Fenris started his career in the planetary defense forces of his home planet of Corellia, enlisting at the Imperial Academy once his contract ran out. Graduating with honors he was assigned to the Imperial Navy, where he since served in multiple units and in various roles, but never straying far from this particular branch of the Imperial military.


Early Life

Corellia, despite being the center hub for an entire sector in Imperial space, is not an entirely urbanized planet. Between giant spaceports and towering cityscape lie endless plains, broken up into vast patches of fertile farmland, each dedicated to a ranch. It was in such a place Fenris Soontir, son of Garant and Allynn Soontir, was born and raised.

It was a lonely childhood, growing up far from any of his own age-group, and Fenris quickly started looking towards fields of mechanics and tinkering to occupy his attention. Finding the combine crawler disassembled down to the last bolt, just as harvesting seasons started, was but one of the many challenges his parents begrudgingly were forced to deal with. At the age of 6 Fenris built his first droid out of spare parts. At the age of 9, he completely overhauled the engines of a local racing teams podracer, with which they proceeded to win the Corellian Grand Nationals the following season.

This was also the year his little brother, Jason Soontir, was born. Despite at first viewing him as somewhat of bothersome nuisance, Fenris quickly grew very fond of him. Neither did he mind the additional responsibility that came with it. At this point, Fenris had proven himself surprisingly mature and responsible for his age, tasked with everything from running errands with the family landspeeder to taking his little brother fishing. Distinguishing himself trough his school work, the Corellian government took notice and started subsidizing an educational program that would lead Fenris safely into Corellias ship-building industry with a degree in engineering.

Swoop Biker

At the age of 12, Fenris life took a dramatic change. Having saved up for several years he bought himself a 105-K Lancer Swoop bike. It gave him the freedom he had long craved, and allowed him to leave the farm and meet up with other people. Unfortunately it also got him into a bad crowd as he joined a local swoop gang. What started out as running innocent errands slowly evolved into active participation in criminal activities. Illegal street racing, extortion, grand theft speeder and vandalism, it all became a part of his life as he worked his way up the gang hierarchy, becoming their primary swoop jockey in the illegal races, and the second in command after Roan Kelzo, the Iktotchi gang leader.

His grades dropped, the government funding disappeared, and Fenris dropped out of school a couple years later. Although everyone noticed he had changed dramatically, he always made sure no word of what he was really spending his spare time on got out to his family.

Once again another dramatic twist changed Fenris life forever. Fleeing the scene of an illegal street race, law enforcement units in pursuit, Fenris ran a red light, got T-boned by a landspeeder and crashed horribly. During his recovery at an illegal medical clinic for the next weeks he realized he had come to a crossroad in his life. By some miracle, the pursuers had lost him before he crashed, and there were still nothing that connected his name to any of the numerous criminal offenses he had committed. He was free to return to the swoop gang. To the only friends he had and a life that would sooner or later take his life. He realized he wanted more than that, and that he owed both himself and his family to pursue something better.

Corellian Military Service

At the age of 18, over a year after the accident that nearly cost him his life, Fenris enlisted into the Corellian Planetary Defense Force, Corellias small army, working independent from the military forces of the Galactic Empire. Growing up around heavy, tracked vehicles, it did not take long time til he found himself assigned to an engineering unit, behind the controls of one of their crawlers. In the military, Fenris found the stability, structure and deep comradeship he sorely needed, and for over two years he served with the CPDF, repelling plundering pirates and aiding in humanitarian missions.

One particular mission helped carve out his path into the future. Holding the line against an invading pirate force, the CPDF forces were hard pressed, outnumbered and under attack by a well-armed force using heavy military equipment they had stolen from a Clone Wars surplus warehouse. When all hope seemed lost, an Imperial strike force arrived to support the Corellians. Pirate speeders trampled to pulp by the Empires heavy AT-AT walkers, LAAT gunships shot down from the sky by TIE Fighters, and finally, a massive Star Destroyer emerged out of hyperspace, battering the pirates stolen Acclamator Assault Ship into submission with heavy turbolaser fire.

Fenris found himself impressed by the professionalism and efficiency displayed by the Imperial forces, as well as realizing that if he was to remain in the CPDF he would never be able to leave Corellia and experience everything the galaxy had to offer.

Both his parents, avid Imperials, supported him when he decided he was going to enlist himself into the Imperial Academy. Especially his father, a veteran of the Clone Wars that had scourged the galaxy mere decades ago, urged him to join the cause and help stop the same threat arising anew.

Imperial career

The preferred branch of service had been an easy choice for Fenris. His love for piloting fast speeders transferring well to the position as one of the Empires respected and feared fighter pilots. Piloting military hardware far exceeding the capabilities of any civilian speeder, backed by people whom he can trust with his life, Fenris found his true calling.

After serving with distinction in his first unit, the renowned Navy Command Fleet, Fenris was transferred to the 11th Group of the 5th Fleet. Ascending trough the ranks, Fenris became GXO and in turn GCO of the 11th, which he helped shape into an elite fighting force. At the end of year 16, then Captain Fenris resigned from active duty to pursue personal projects.

In year 17 day 172 Fenris returned from the reserves and entered service once again. Having served as both GXO and GCO of the 8th Group of the 3rd Fleet, Fenris was granted command of the mighty 1st Imperial Fleet on Year 19 Day 90 and was promoted to the rank of Admiral. Having led the 1st with distinction for a year, including through the hardships of the Hosnian Conflict, Fenris was promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral and granted the position of Navy Executive Officer on Year 19 Day 102.

After a long and distinguished career, Fenris resigned from the Navy and entered the Imperial citizenry on Year 21 Day 220, where he remains to this day.

Fenris Soontir on bridge.jpg
Fenris Soontir on the bridge of his former flagship, the Executor-Class Star Dreadnought Absolute.



A military man at heart and dedicated to the fleet as an institution, Fenris have served the best part of his adult life in the Imperial Navy and regard it as an extension of his own family. Fenris believes strongly in the ability of the Empire, and especially its military, to bring order and stability where the Galactic Alliance and New Republic can not. He is known not to share the humanocentric views of the Empire, and judges individuals based on their merit and intentions rather than their species or culture. Despite his affiliation with a government many view as oppressive and evil, Fenris himself have been regarded as a kind and compassionate man, pushing the men and women under his command hard but also caring greatly for their safety and well-being. He is slow to anger, but regarded as truly terrifying in those rare moments he lets it surface.


"I already have. My mistress is the Navy, my true love the vast space outside these viewports."
— Fenris Soontir, upon being asked if he planned to settle down.

Fenris is not known to have been in any romantic relationships since he entered Imperial service, instead devoting his time to his military duties. He have stated that he shared a close and intimate relationship with a fellow Corellian during his years as a swoop rider, but lost all contact with them once he left the criminal life behind.


Fenris is...

  • Fond of good food, and is quite the accomplished chef in his own right. He owns the fast-food franchise known as "Skippers Chippy", but leaves the day-to-day running to some of his closely-trusted business associates.
  • An avid reader and student of military history. He prefers paper to datapads, and a small but carefully curated library of books follows him on every ship he is stationed to.
  • Known to follow an intense physical training regime consisting primarily of weight-lifting, but have begrudgingly conceded to also include running in his workout routine to counteract his fondness for good eating.