Finis Coronat Opus

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Finis Coronat Opus
Posted by: Seele, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 21 Day 16 From the Imperial Palace Imperial Palace in Coruscant 09,01 on Coruscant (-15, 88).


Denizens of the galaxy,

It is with the utmost relief that I inform you the galactic civil war has come to an end. At 1900 hours on Year 21 Day 16, I formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the New Republic; immediately ending hostilities between New Republic and Imperial forces throughout multiple sectors. This heralds a new era for the galaxy as it steps towards an end to the conflict which has embroiled the galaxy for over two decades.

The newly elected Chief of State for the New Republic, Galen Darksol, rose to the supreme office and quickly came to understand the untenable nature of their government. Joining the litany of former Chiefs of State who now reside within and also serve the Imperial Union, Chief of State Darksol realised the extent of the corruption and political toxicity poisoning the foundations of the Republic. Seeing they were following the same trajectory as the Old Republic, Galen truly came to appreciate how it was the republican system itself which incubates corruption, infighting, and the rampant rise of personal interest over that of the people as a whole.

Having directly funded and supported piracy, terrorism, large-scale theft and profiteering, the New Republic’s rhetoric had become so misaligned with the actions of its government, it was clear to the entire galaxy that the political elites of the Republic would stop at nothing in their bid for personal power and influence. Lacking substantive principles from which to anchor their actions, the Republic has always been without moral standing. It has been this incontrovertible lack of moral fibre that led to the galaxy’s greatest conflict. I want to assure the galaxy, that it has been the government of the New Republic -- not its peoples – against which the New Order has long waged war.

The path to this moment of peace has been a costly one for the galaxy. The people of the Galactic Empire and the New Republic have endured hardship over many years and suffered great losses in a struggle that was destined to conclude with the New Order’s triumph. This struggle has been punctuated by violence as the break-away Rebel Alliance refused to yield to the realities the Old Republic’ demise. With billions of souls invested in the illusion, power-hungry politicians led their people astray and founded the New Republic as they sought to recover the power stripped from their kind by Emperor Hiram Drayson upon the founding of the New Order.

Twenty three years of bloodshed has resulted in the outcome I always knew would eventuate: victory for the New Order. In our triumph, I wish for you to take a moment and remember those who served and sacrificed over the many years to reach this outcome. Our memory will forever cherish the great personal cost this war has had on hundreds of worlds across the galaxy. Today signifies the moment where their sacrifices are vindicated as we that survived are afforded the opportunity to live in a time of peace.

It is a momentous occasion to hear the turbolaser batteries fall silent, and the exultation we all feel is justified. But I must raise caution that this moment will not be an enduring one without vigilance. As we transition the governance of hundreds of worlds into the bulwark of the Imperial Union, there is bound to be a measure of political unrest. The second Republic has come to an end, but there are many thousands of sentients twisted and agitated by the miasma of the New Republic’s propaganda. Existing beyond the salvation of reality, these people will not relent in their hatred or villainy against the peace offered by the New Order. They will redouble their efforts to terrorise and strike fear into the galaxy.

We will come to know these instances as the final desperate screams of an already dead political apparatus. I ask you to trust in me as the galaxy weathers this last gasp. I promise you it will not be long before the last elements of that shattered ideology are swept away and relegated to nothing more than a dark part of our history.

For now, we must each turn our attention to implementing our bright and peaceful future under the leadership of the New Order.

Long live the Empire!

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