First Annual Jawa Toss Concludes

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Posted by Midge Cellewan on Year 5 Day 179

Onboard the Marauder-class Corvette Neo Sakiya at galactic position (321, -144).

The Myorzo Corporation logo fades to the Dack and Kurner's Excellent Adventures(DKEA) logo. A female Twi'lek Sports News Reporter is seen on the field with cheering fans in the background

This is Ootta reporting to you live at the conclusion of the first annual Jawa Toss hosted by DKEA. Eight competitors where involved in this history making sports event which was a show in strength and determiniation and provided competitors the chance at gaining honor for their respective groups.

Ayala Kristoff, Midge Cellewan, Jason Zero, Aran Dack, Zortek Ignatz, Kreuger Bane, Scant Marrer, and Paul Benden fought a long hard battle but in the end Jason Zero of the Corporate Sector Authority defeated Mr. Cellewan and proved victorious and was named champion along with recieving the 500,000 Credit prize.

We look forward to the next competition and to see who the next Jawa Tossing champion will be, as for now, this is Ootta of CSNN, signing off.

The Camera fades to black as a short tune is heard in the background

No Java's were hurt during this contest!