Flash Drea

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Flash Drea
Biographical Information
Race Arkanian / Corellian /Mirialan
Homeworld Corellia
Clan Drea
House Arkoh
Mother Emilia Drea
Father Unknown Mirialan, Likely Dead
Marital Status Single
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Y-5 D120
Languages Basic, Huttese
Religion None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 3 in
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Rank Crewman, Private, Flight Corporal, Flight Sergeant
Prior Affiliation RedSkys, Black Sun

Work in Progress

'The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.


Flash's Educations wasn't the best but he has always been a bright man loving to learn when and where he could.The Corellian Youth Academy was where he first attended school after he started to get into trouble with CorSec he was sent to the Eder Academy For Juvenile Delinquents for two years and after asking to be transferred to a military academy he went to The Corellian Junior Military Academy from the age of 16 until he graduated where he excelled at Science. He also attended the RedSkys Training Academy as a Junior Private and the Trade Federation Academy as a Cadet.

During his travels he's learned alot from learned Other Useful Things from Smugglers, Mercenaries, Engineers, Soldiers

Flash Drea was born on Y-5 D 120 on transport ship heading to Corellia from Coruscant. His Mother was a Pro-Rebel Politician and his Father whom he never met a Mirialan. Emila Drea was a kind and caring Corellian woman apart of the Drea family which was infamous for their actions nearing the end of the Clone Wars

At a young age, Flash loved Exploring and that lead him into a lot of Trouble with the Authorities. When He Reached 13 years of age Drea Started to get into even more Trouble with CorSec. Flash has always been intrigued with Military Tactics and Diplomacy and as a Teen he attended Corellian Junior Military Academy. Flash was later Expelled from the Academy due to fighting With other students.He was Later Enrolled into the Eder Academy For Juvenile Delinquents He Graduated at 18. At 18 he Got Enough Money to buy a Cloakshape/H Fighter Called The [Drea] Silver Enigma and Embarked on a Journey to Start a His Life.

Start of a New Dawn

Flash was hired by a small PMC Organization called the RedSkys that specializes in counterinsurgency and he began his new job as a Private on board the [RSK]InfoRed Station within the OuterRim. Flash quickly fell in love with working for the Organization shortly after Flash finished the training academy he was assigned to the 7th Infantry Regiment "Burning Wonders". He started to feel like he found a new home and wanted to see action and less than a year thanks to Flash's previous military education and high scoring in the Officers Testing Program he was given the rank of Second Lieutenant and was put in command of the Wonders. Near the end of Y14 RedSkys was hired to Eliminate a High Priority Target on Cularin. The Target was not told to the men by name but an image was giving to them.

At first, Flash was extremely excited by the news and the men shipped off when they got on the planet they were met by other forces who they were to cooperate with and the Wonder went on the hunt. Over the comms they were told of a spotting and were off they ran across a village with 4 Nautolan families and they didn't know the targets name so when Drea asked High Command what they should do the answer was appalling. The Wonders were told to ask the villagers if they've seen the man and if they didn't cooperate they were ordered to kill the villagers when Flash asked why Command stated that a Soldier shouldn't question his orders. Flash didn't like the idea of starting a massacre so he told his men to retreat from the village.

Some of the men thought it would be better to Kill all the Nautolan one of Drea's men called High Command and told them what Drea had ordered. Command then declared Flash to have gone rouge and was to be terminated when the rest of the unit got the order they went after Drea who was off Scouting the area for possible Hostile forces. On the way back Flash was ambushed he was able to take down three of his Squadmates before they put him down, He was shot more than 4 times and had severe injuries. Some of the villagers he had saved found him and were able to get him off planet to a hospital station nearby.

New Life, New Man

Flash was able to survive the attack and till this day talks little about what had happened, He simply moved back to Corellia to be with his Mother. Flash was able to get enough money together to buy a run-down YT-1300. Flash left behind the life of violence and simply became an alcoholic which is a problem he still deals with till this day.

He became an Engineer for a small company onplanet until his mother died which caused him to want to leave the Core all together and he did. He began towards Federation Space where he was told years before that people of his skill set were needed.

The Federation

Flash Joined the Federation Y16 D128 as a Crewmember of the 2nd Frontier Fleet, He quickly impressed those within the Federation which had led to him gaining multiple promotions within a year leading him to become a Warrant Officer within the Federation.

House Arkoh and New Life

Failed Experiment