For those that know whou they are...

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Posted by Joe Monso on Year 5 Day 313

Onboard the Carrack/I-class Light Cruiser Fallen Nova at galactic position (-140, -31).

The picture faded into view onto the screens of any who wish to view the new post the GNS, a Falleen with a stern look on his face stared back from the screen as it came fully into view. The metal efficiency of Starship's permeated from the backgroud, easily identifying that he was on a ship somewhere.

"Hello fellows of the Universe, I bring a message to those that know who they are and warning to others. An event has occured recently that has should be minded by all, a certain company has lost pretty much everything in the last 24 hours due to many reasons. One being that he left many friends to dry, taking advantage of them. So many promises that weren't unkept, so many lies that were told. It was only time that he 'Friends' would get back at him. This might teach a lesson, or it could not, You should never leave a friend out to dry, or screw him in any way. If you do, he will find a way to hurt you like the way he has hurt you and others like yourself. I would like to wish you all a good day and best wishes from Eidola...'

A grin formed upon the face of the Fallleen as the screen faded out. An image was placed upon the screen of the viewers that many would remember and many should fear. They were the only ones to be true these days...