Former Trade Federation Member Arrested

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Posted by Corbin Esco on Year 0 Day 0

Onboard the L-500 Space Liner TFN Enchantment at galactic position (186, -102).

Former Research and Development Analyst, Zack Shado, has been found guily of trying to hire away new recruits, treason, and providing sensitive data to outside sources.

Zack Shado, a male human, showed no emotion as the Trade Federation Council returned its verdict after five days of deliberation.

The Council must now decide whether his actions merit the death penalty. If executed, Shado would be the first person to be sentenced to death for treason in Federation history.

Investigators said that Shado, a promising new addition who had risen through the ranks quickly in the government, was involved in several counts of trying to lure away new recruits, theft of a Federation vessel, and removing sensitive data from several terminals and transmitting it to outside parties that have remained unnamed.

When he was arrested in open space near Toydaria, the arresting officer allegedly found contact information for several notable members of the galactic community. He also had three datacards with Trade Federation data on him as well. Among the information he was in possession of was a complete list of Trade Federation research projects, an overview of the R&D funding, and detailed schematics of a prototype Federation vessel slated to start production in the coming year.

Zack Shado will be transported to Morrock, the Trade Federation maximum security prison complex where he will become the first resisdent of the multi-million credit prison city.

One council member, who wished to remain nameless, was quoted as saying "Shado's actions betrayed the trust of his Directors, the council, and all Federation members."