Fourth Imperial Civil War/Meeting with Vodo Bonias, Orphaea Imperium and Thomas Cherokee

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Session Start: Sat Sep 18 10:17:44 2010
Session Ident: #The-Palace
[10:17] * Now talking in #The-Palace
[10:17] * Seele[AWAY] sets mode: +i
[10:18] <@Seele[AWAY]> Welcome Orph.
[10:18] <@Seele[AWAY]> The Emperor will be back in 15mins or so.
[10:18] <@Seele[AWAY]> As per his request, this will be between yourself, the Executor and the Emperor. I will depart the channel.
[10:19] <@Seele[AWAY]> Good luck, gentlemen.
 03[10:19] * @Seele[AWAY] (~seele@SWC-IRC.A72DCDFF3B2BA9.SWC) has left #The-Palace
[10:43] <@The_Emperor> here
[10:43] <@The_Emperor> need 2 minutes
[10:44] * @Cherokee nods
[10:46] <@The_Emperor> ok
[10:46] <@The_Emperor> here
[10:47] <@The_Emperor> Greetings
[10:47] <Orphaea_Imperium> Hello.
[10:48] <@The_Emperor> Take a seat
[10:48] <@The_Emperor> *glances around the room*
[10:49] <@The_Emperor> Is Seele here?
[10:49] <Orphaea_Imperium> He is not.
[10:49] <@The_Emperor> No he left
[10:49] <@The_Emperor> Okay good
[10:49] <@The_Emperor> Then we can start
[10:49] <@The_Emperor> Quite a coup Imperium
[10:49] <@The_Emperor> I must admin, I am disappointed, as I trusted you very much.  I held you in the highest esteem, second only to Cherokee.
[10:50] <Orphaea_Imperium> I know, which is why it sucks so much for this to have been the only way forward.
[10:50] <@The_Emperor> Many have tried, but all have failed...  so I must give you credit... because I would classify this as successful.
[10:50] <@The_Emperor> This is my only offer
[10:50] <@The_Emperor> So consider it carefully.
[10:51] <@The_Emperor> I will step down immediately, as soon as we are done here.
[10:51] <@The_Emperor> and will name Cherokee the Emperor
[10:51] <@The_Emperor> I will make the change in Darkness and accept banishment from the Empire.
[10:51] <@The_Emperor> The Sith will also depart the Empire.
[10:51] <@The_Emperor> He will name you as the Executor and #2 in Darkness
[10:52] <@The_Emperor> You return the GE assets, so it can continue to be a dominate government.  I cannot stomach allowing the Empire to suffer such a huge blow only to save myself
[10:52] <@The_Emperor> The Empire is bigger even than me.
[10:52] <@The_Emperor> Do you accept these terms?
[10:52] <@The_Emperor> oh
[10:52] <@The_Emperor> and btw
[10:53] <@The_Emperor> I was in Los Angeles for 24 hours and that is why I could not deal with this until now.  I only found out about it this AM while I was sitting on a plane to come home
[10:53] <@The_Emperor> so I wasn't ignoring you
[10:53] <@The_Emperor> I am not sure where this all sits with your 48 hour ultimatum
[10:53] <@The_Emperor> I have explained my decision to the inner circle
[10:53] <@The_Emperor> and they have accepted it
[10:53] <@The_Emperor> okay I am finished
[10:54] <@The_Emperor> Orph?
[10:54] <Orphaea_Imperium> Do you really feel it necessary for yourself and the Sith to depart the Empire?
[10:54] <@The_Emperor> u still here>
[10:54] <@The_Emperor> Yes.
[10:54] <@The_Emperor> I will be a distraction
[10:55] <Orphaea_Imperium> I would have imagined some Empire where you were leader of the Sith and our highest ambassador to the Imperial Union
[10:55] <@The_Emperor> I will take no assets with me
[10:55] <@The_Emperor> I came into the GE with nothing and I will leave with nothing
[10:55] <@The_Emperor> except for my personal SSD
 01[10:55] <Orphaea_Imperium> I'd hate for the Empire to lose someone of your worldliness and experience
[10:55] <@The_Emperor> The IU leadership is for leaders of the factions.  That will no longer be my privilege
[10:56] <@The_Emperor> It is too late for that
[10:56] <@The_Emperor> I am a proud man
[10:56] <@The_Emperor> and my pride has been damaged beyond repair
[10:56] <@The_Emperor> I will seek exile
[10:56] <Orphaea_Imperium> I know... my apologies, it was the only way.
[10:56] <@The_Emperor> You are mistaken
[10:56] <@The_Emperor> It was not the only way
[10:57] <@The_Emperor> Do you accept these terms?
[10:57] <@The_Emperor> and the Sith will not accept this
[10:57] <Orphaea_Imperium> Will your Sith remain allied to the Empire?
[10:57] <@The_Emperor> so it is better they depart with me
[10:57] <@The_Emperor> or you will deal with scheming and other things
[10:57] <@The_Emperor> that I will now allow
[10:58] <@The_Emperor> No.  The Sith will remain allied to their leader
[10:58] <@The_Emperor> me
[10:58] <@The_Emperor> But I will not interfere with the GE
[10:58] <Orphaea_Imperium> The Empire needs Sith around if it wants to be the Empire and not just some random government with tech
[10:58] <@The_Emperor> their primary focus has never been the GE
[10:58] <@The_Emperor> it is the Jediu
[10:58] <@The_Emperor> Jedi
[10:58] <@The_Emperor> Cherokee.  do you have anything to add?
[10:58] <Orphaea_Imperium> Let me rephrase... would you support the new Empire?
[10:58] <@The_Emperor> I will not oppose it
[10:58] <@The_Emperor> I will endorse Cherokee
[10:58] <@The_Emperor> and that is it
[10:58] <@Cherokee> I don't have anything to add that hasn't been said.
[10:59] <@The_Emperor> a word of advice
 04[10:59] <@The_Emperor> to you Orph
[10:59] <@The_Emperor> spend some serious time repairing your relationships
[10:59] <@The_Emperor> people must following willingly, not because they are forced
[10:59] <@The_Emperor> By opposing me, you have created a fracture that you must repair
[10:59] <@The_Emperor> take that responsibility seriously
[11:00] <@The_Emperor> Orph are you still here?
[11:00] <Orphaea_Imperium> Yup
[11:01] <@The_Emperor> well?
[11:01] <@The_Emperor> Can we keep the Empire in tact or not?
[11:01] <@The_Emperor> That is my only concern
[11:01] <Orphaea_Imperium> Cherokee, what do you think of it all?
[11:01] <Orphaea_Imperium> It'd be your Empire, not mine.
[11:01] <@Cherokee> I think this is probably the only route we can seriously consider at this time... as it addresses the issue and restores the GE to a whole.
[11:02] <Orphaea_Imperium> Would you accept me as your Executor? The departure of the Sith Order?
[11:02] <@Cherokee> I will take some time to regard you with the measure of trust I need to have in a 2ic, but I think what you did you did with good intentions for the GE, even if not the best way of going about it.
[11:03] <@Cherokee> I agree with Vodo about the Sith Order.  They are devoted to him, and I think it gives him a measure of dignity that he certainly deserves.
[11:03] <@The_Emperor> I think what Cherokee is saying is you did something he did not have the guts to do... while he does not agree with the means, he believes in what is accomplished.  Cherokee is a diplomat
[11:03] <@The_Emperor> *light chuckle*
[11:03] <@Cherokee> I blame my political science degrees.
[11:05] <Orphaea_Imperium> Very well, it seems we are all in agreement on the path forward.
[11:05] * @Cherokee nods
[11:06] <@The_Emperor> I am personally saddened by these events, but I know the GE will triumph
[11:06] <@The_Emperor> *turns to the Executor* I am stepping down as the Imperator of the Galactic Empire.  I name you my successor, with all the power and privilege that comes with that.
[11:07] <@The_Emperor> *nods to Orph*
[11:07] <@The_Emperor> *turns and departs*
[11:07] * @Cherokee bows
[11:07] * Orphaea_Imperium bows.
[11:07] <@The_Emperor> ]what is your darkness handle?
[11:07] <@The_Emperor> Is it only Cherokee?
[11:07] <@Cherokee> Thomas Cherokee
[11:08] <@The_Emperor> (the page is loading)
[11:09] * The_Emperor is now known as Dark-Lord-Vodo
[11:09] <@Dark-Lord-Vodo> The page came back with an error
[11:09] <@Dark-Lord-Vodo> let me try again
[11:10] <@Dark-Lord-Vodo> Done
[11:10] <@Dark-Lord-Vodo> Congratulations
[11:11] * @Dark-Lord-Vodo (~The_Emper@SWC-IRC.A4CF96C2CB3C49.SWC) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[11:11] <Orphaea_Imperium> Live well, lord.
[11:11] * Cherokee is now known as Emperor_Cherokee
[11:13] <Orphaea_Imperium> can I come back into #cmg-empire now? <_<
[11:18] <@Emperor_Cherokee> yes
[11:18] <@Emperor_Cherokee> sorry... my IRC has exploded with flashing pms...
[11:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> bah
[11:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> can you readd me?
[11:18] <Orphaea_Imperium> priv level 999 :)
[11:21] <@Emperor_Cherokee> ./cs access #cmg-empire add Orphaea_Imperium 999
[11:21] <@Emperor_Cherokee> is that right?
[11:21] <Orphaea_Imperium> think so
[11:21] <Orphaea_Imperium> yes
[11:22] <@Emperor_Cherokee> I'm getting [21:21] -ChanServ- Access denied.
[11:22] <Orphaea_Imperium> hmm
[11:22] <Orphaea_Imperium> are you founder?
[11:22] <Orphaea_Imperium> you need to be founder (priv 1000) to be able to set 999
[11:22] <Orphaea_Imperium> eh
[11:22] <Orphaea_Imperium> just give me whatever for now
[11:22] <Orphaea_Imperium> you can bump me up later on
[11:23] <Orphaea_Imperium> something else for you to worry about - you need to get the IRCops to make you founder of all the channels Vodo was founder of
[11:23] * Emperor_Cherokee is now known as Cherokee
[11:23] <Orphaea_Imperium> I can take care of that
[11:23] * Cherokee is now known as Emperor_Cherokee
[11:23] <@Emperor_Cherokee> figured it out
[11:23] <@Emperor_Cherokee> new nick wasn't linked, let me try again
[11:23] <@Emperor_Cherokee> ok, there you go :)
[11:24] <Orphaea_Imperium> thank you
[11:25] * Orphaea_Imperium is now known as Executor_Imperium
[11:25] <Executor_Imperium> #cmg-empire-ihc too please :)
[11:26] <@Emperor_Cherokee> [21:26] -ChanServ- Orphaea_Imperiumadded to #cmg-empire-ihc access list at level 999.
[11:27] <@Emperor_Cherokee> ok, leaving this room... too many windows open :P
[11:27] <@Emperor_Cherokee> suddenly I'm mr popular
[11:27] <Executor_Imperium> lol
Session Close: Sat Sep 18 11:27:59 2010